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What Are You Thinking Right Now

  1. #1151332018-11-02 13:29:07IrawaWeirHolo said:

    Why is it so hard to reply to comments? It's like I'm walking on eggshells picking what to say and adding "no offense" in every possible inkling of negative discourse.

  2. #1151352018-11-02 15:12:02IrawaWeirHolo said:

    For the short chats we have had, I think even though some of our beliefs align, you know that I still can't push through most of them because I still care for how others feel albeit I do think that being right by far is the most important thing.

  3. #1151392018-11-02 15:33:52c1arcy said:

    I'm super relaxed since I have one of my essays now out the way and I'm listening to childish gambino, my musical crush

  4. #1153352018-12-12 08:31:13DarkChaplain said:

    "same guy"? @Kinnear, you disappoint me. I'm unsurprised that @IrawaWeirHolo doesn't know shit about anything, but I expected you at least to recognize Miyano Mamoru. Not like he's one of the most consistently great seiyuu in the entire industry. Not like he's Yagami Light, Death the Kid or Kiba, or anything....

  5. #1153602019-01-06 19:07:42S9 said:

    this month of abstinence showed how much i fear some people disappearing from my life. so yeah love you (not) all and thanks warlock for making some things clear for me.

  6. #1154682019-01-18 16:44:03Kinnear said:

    I'd volunteer, but I feel like it's more interesting to exchange letters with someone when you don't know them yet, and usually only communicate via letters.

  7. #1154702019-01-19 08:18:22IrawaWeirHolo said:

    Holy F DC, that page is great though it may not be for me yet.

    Kinn, while that is good and all, I would still prefer someone I kinda know already rather than a complete stranger(not confident enough and shit).

  8. #1154712019-01-19 10:29:36DarkChaplain said:

    If you want to do penpals, do it with somebody new who you don't talk to on the regular otherwise. There's no point doing it with someone you speak to on Discord or such anyway, or in this case chat, since you'll just both stop putting in the effort after a mail/letter or two and get back to comfort. You're supposed to build a conversational relationship almost from scratch and maintain it in a certain way.
    Besides, you can hear about Kin's diet/exercise/axe throwing on chat anyway :^)

  9. #1155802019-01-31 13:36:31IrawaWeirHolo said:

    People are asking me for advice about fitness, style, lit, and life(tho I know I'm shit when it comes to that)

    Maybe I'm finally being a reliable person A fitting part in our local social structure

  10. #1155812019-01-31 13:49:58DarkChaplain said:

    Nah, they just want an easily accessible idiot to tell them they're doing fine, somebody supportive of them to feel better about themselves and their choices. They likely won't take your advice, they just want somebody to care about them for a bit before moving on with what they've been doing.

  11. #1155832019-01-31 14:17:52IrawaWeirHolo said:

    I'm actually pretty honest cuz I really care about those things. I would hate to see someone look shit even with my help and also they're almost always looking like shit anyway since this is the countryside where "comfort>style" is life

  12. #1155892019-02-01 08:52:05IrawaWeirHolo said:

    If wearing respectible, or rather, dignified clothes to make one's self presentable to the general public, at the cost of some comfort, is idiocy then society would be damned.

  13. #1155922019-02-01 13:15:46DarkChaplain said:

    Style over substance is how we got so much shit to deal with in the first place. Besides, who the fuck cares to be "presentable to the general public"? The "general public" can suck it, they're strangers at best, actively annoying at worst. There is no merit in compromising one's own comfort to appeal to people you pass by in the streets, never to be seen again.

  14. #1155932019-02-01 13:38:49IrawaWeirHolo said:

    There is no merit in compromising one's own comfort to appeal to people you pass by in the streets, never to be seen again.

    Umm..... 1.Confidence.

    2.Upholding honour on family name.

    3.Better treatment from other people.

    Also, gets more attraction from muggers and snatchers(lol)

  15. #1155942019-02-01 14:39:17 *DarkChaplain said:

    If your level of confidence is that dependent on appearance, then by golly, you're a depressing human being to watch. Besides, piss on your family name and abandoning individualism and self-determination on the basis of some nebulous concept of honor and having to please those old sods. Grow up, and grow a pair. At this rate, you'll probably still be living with your parents by the time they die. But then again, you can't put the blame for losing your luggage on them anymore if you actually have to fend for yourself and learn to stand up for your own identity instead of cowering under strangers' expectations.

  16. #1155992019-02-01 16:19:10IrawaWeirHolo said:

    Well yeah, you know I have a shit tier confidence so I compensate by style. Next thing, your pathetic clinging to "originality" by looking like a couch potato even outside your house is getting sad. This usage of "I have my own identity" reason to justify one's lack of self care is text book beta shit.

  17. #1156022019-02-01 16:56:17DarkChaplain said:

    There's a difference between taking care of yourself and going for "style" at the cost of personal comfort, all in a bid to impress strangers who won't spare you two glances anyway. And "originality"? That's not even a secondary concern. Being yourself beats originality any day of the week. Having enough of a spine to not put on a facade and pretend to be hip and fancy to impress exactly nobody is usually enough. Not that I'd expect that spine from you, anyhow.

    Though I do admit to laughing when somebody like you throws around terms like "text book beta shit", as if you weren't the greatest "beta", or even "NPC", in the room :^)

  18. #1155952019-02-01 15:49:48DictatorHilton said:

    ^^^^^ Oh my gooood do some of you guys even go outside. People get treated better when they don’t look like shit. If you don’t care then that’s fine, you do you. But lmao shitting on someone who doesn’t want to look like a slob?? This part of the internet is so weird

  19. #1156012019-02-01 16:49:15DarkChaplain said:

    Yes, totally a "German trait" and not a "sane, non-superficial people trait" :^)

    It does not surprise me one iota that Hilton has to doll herself up, though. Gotta get that attention somehow.