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What Are You Thinking Right Now

  1. #1157882019-02-15 13:53:12IrawaWeirHolo said:

    Debating over if I should continue reading A Room of One's Own after a 100 pages in or read the newly delivered Spice and Wolf Vol 19 and 20.

  2. #1159692019-03-08 03:18:46Dane said:

    fuck, i feel great. mileage not amazing, but ran twice today with the first being a pb in the morning. and i run like ass earlier in the day

    yes king, sweat all that shit off. we ready to leave LMAOOOOOO

    a few steps closer,,,,

  3. #1159802019-03-09 17:26:35Grinners said:

    Abuse is scary. Even once you're out of it, you can still see the telltale signs of what was done to you. You can feel the effects years later. They haunt your dreams, their words attack you when you feel weak. You continue to fear what they were, and fear becoming the thing you hate. Ultimately you learn that what you become after getting out is your choice. It's not an easy choice, as you're constantly struggling against giving up. It's exhausting. To be personal, I am lucky to have the family I have now, the close friends I have who help me through the darkest parts. Though there are some things I've had to face on my own, I have had them here for me through it all. Abuse is scary, but you can fight for your life. You can make it.

  4. #1164722019-06-12 19:07:12 *EvoRulz said:

    mizlily: comin for my 99.990 good luck. though i must give you credit, making so many threads means theres not much point locking them