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What Are You Thinking Right Now

  1. #1164952019-06-30 04:40:32Wolfangle said:

    Been really happy lately even tho there's been so much stresses and pain lately. I'm very full of love and very very glad I've found someone in my life who's willing to grow with me & advance for the better in their ways since being with me. Not to mention she's been my biggest crush for the past year and a half and I finally get to call her baby & really see a future together with her.

    We're still broke as shit tho. She needs to find a new job & I need a 2nd one.

  2. #1165082019-07-08 17:13:15 *armedzerox said:

    I started to feel.... lonely.... Maybe I should get married? Is it a proof of me becoming.... an adult? This period of my life sucks... Hmmmm Could that be what happened ashuman used up they use their brainjuice more than usual? Could that be that doing research on fundemental science make us feel more lonely? That could be the reason why many people tends to stop being a researcher on the subject at some point... Or maybe I should just throw away this new 'complex' and focus on my hobby.... Fkk it... Better finish my abstract for this g0ddamned thesis...

    Feels good to be able to write my thoughts somewhere where no real relatives and real-life friends can read. (Thanks for making this post for god sake) Oh I met one of people here in real life. But I guess that is okay.

  3. #1165152019-07-15 06:30:24miako said:

    looks like everybody grows sooner or later. i ve been witnessing all of my friends and families experiencing evolution or a change in their life! and i m here in my room, my time is frozen! somewhere in me I really want to change this boring quotidian I m living in. But another part of myself is good with the way it is. To change or not to change. that is the question! (quote borrowed)

  4. #1167792019-09-13 12:13:16 *niuceke said:

    I think there is always a way to see beauty in life. Depression is a symptom of rejecting the capitalist opression. But all this shouldn't shadow the eyes of the people. Life can become something more pleasing if one is deciding to look at it from another perspective. obptimisticnihilistmode

  5. #1170632019-09-22 00:32:58Alipheesia said:

    I wish I could remember what I was banned for five years ago. Hard to reflect on your actions of the past when they don't exist. Oh well. I'm also thinking about streaming some RTS later, but I am also thinking I should go get food. Hrmm... Should I cook or just eat cereal?... Probably just cereal for now, cook later..

  6. #1171542019-10-11 13:05:48MacV said:

    Haven't visited this site for so long. Quite busy with life and I guess trying to get my shit together. Feeling closer to achieving my dream. Just one more year! But yes, going through some self-discoveries. Enjoying life when I can. Got so much stuff to think about, but I rather not lol. Time will tell... In the meantime, Imma enjoy some timtams and keep chilling wew~

  7. #1192802020-01-03 08:40:09DarkChaplain said:

    Whenever I see a screenshot of CL Discord, I am somewhat tempted to join it just to laugh at the absolute level of retardation on display over there. But then, I don't want to join another useless, mostly dead server. Then again, this shit is hilarious at times and I'd totally be down for laughing straight in people's faces.

  8. #1192942020-01-05 03:59:25Grinners said:

    I wonder how you're doing right now. We never talk. It's for the best, but for some reason, I still care to know. I wonder what new things you've been up to, what plans you have made for your life. I wonder how you've matured, what you think now. We were young. Life wasn't ours yet. Now we're kind of adults. I wonder if anything would have changed if we were older.

    I just hope that you're happy.