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What Are You Thinking Right Now

  1. #963912015-12-27 04:19:40Koushiro said:

    This neverending hole that I am in. And thinking of how I could be beside her everytime. But she is so far away. How would I be able to reach her, if she is too far. I think, no, I will see her soon.

  2. #964462015-12-27 15:10:06Enami said:

    This is unpleasant to look at.. annoying virus Q.Q How long do i have to wait for this analyse to finish so i can finally get rid of these crappy colors on my screen? U.U

  3. #964652015-12-27 19:20:47Enami said:

    I guess i haven't really changed my flaws.. as for my qualities, they're nowhere to be found now =p Why was it so easy to become like this? but not to return to who i was? i.. don't even think i wanna go back to that, but i don't really wanna stay like this either.

    These possible scenarios are endless, i wanna shut off my brain pfft ...I need pizza Q.Q

  4. #965142015-12-28 09:15:19 *Enami said:

    Ugh.. can't believe i have to go to school now.. i just wanna sleep.. and forget about everything.

    Oh! Amnesia sounds good actually haha :'D

  5. #965632015-12-29 11:35:29Sheep said:

    People with pride but has nothing to be proud of; people who are rude but gets sensitive when treated the same. I hate this country and the people in here.

  6. #965752015-12-29 18:06:10Enami said:

    Yes! Mission accomplished! lol well it's not that much of a big deal, but i took a veeeery small step forward ^^ i have a lot of these little missions to accomplish now lol xD