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What Are You Thinking Right Now

  1. #987502016-02-05 03:45:15Yugure said:

    When Bayonetta and Corrin (a.k.a, DLC) were released earlier than I expected. WAY earlier. From February 17 to yesterday.

    Time to buy $20 Nintendo E-Card

  2. #987722016-02-05 20:32:50 *Yugure said:

    I forgot that I don't understand women. One day they will be happy, and the next day they'll be angry.

    All I know is that, I just hafta respect them, and their decisions. I'll just fuck off if they say "fuck off, Yugure."

    Bruh, I have emotions as well, but I'm better at ignoring people anywews.

  3. #987792016-02-06 01:33:13S9 said:

    TFW all that attention don't really mean shit unless you're getting it from the one bloody douche you want.

  4. #988482016-02-07 12:34:23Enami said:

    That moment when you get complimented so much for your crappy AMVs that you made like a year ago sloppily and without any decent effort ... wow this is too cringe-worthy ._.)