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What Are You Thinking Right Now

  1. #993722016-02-18 06:45:17 *EvoRulz said:

    that last post on the first page made me forget what i was going to say- oh yeh! I have two magor assignments tonight :3 exciting!

  2. #994222016-02-19 02:12:24EvoRulz said:

    Feels like i'm stuck waiting for the year to pass .--. It feels like i'm working hard, but it's not enough .__. It feel like there's not going to be a break in the work until November, But i know if I catch up with everything then i will have some free time, but i cant do what i want to do in my free time ._. i can only wait until i have more work... And i can't sleep or rest or ignore the work because i need to get good marks all year to become an engineer, and not knowing if i have studied hard enough is the worst, at least when i am studying engineering it will be fun but right now even the fun subjects like art just loom over like work that i have to do because it's in the way of me doing something i actually want to do, i'm sure there are other ways to become and engineer to do what i love, but it's too uncertain that way, better to take the uncertainty of how my marks will go, because there is chance that everything will be fine and i'll get in, i just wish i had free time again, but that only comes when everything is finished and its never all finished :'\ It's cold today, some of my closest friends have graduated so there's nowhere that i fit in that i actually want to, even playing music isnt that fun because in the back of my mind i'm streesed about 'when is my next class' or 'how long do i have until my next class', I just hope this marathon gets me to where i want to be, pls laifu, all i want to do is build stuff with electronics that can do useful stuffs :|

  3. #994292016-02-19 03:22:58EvoRulz said:

    Do i mood swing or what XD anyways i'm back in action B) we just learnt about Esters in chemistry!!! so cool! now i know the structure of the scent of pineapple XD and such things :D awesomeness! TGIF!! I have youth tonight so back on guitar for the band as per usual, damn maybe if i work really hard tomorrow i can get on top of all the math exercises again finally! I really need to force myself to take a break on Sunday though, so i'll have to just cram all that study into Saturday, and then Monday evening will be nice too =u= XD @cyth only knows but yeah :) /owo/ PUMPED

  4. #994382016-02-19 04:14:27Lieutenant said:

    3 weeks of cutting stickers, and I'm done, now I wonder if they'll give me work after this since they more or less don't need me anymore. Probably they can't wait for me to fuck off already.

  5. #994992016-02-20 13:00:19Archlone said:

    I watched a bunch of horror films today and I just realized something. It must be really fun when you're a ghost. Can't wait to die now.

  6. #995192016-02-20 20:27:12 *Yugure said:

    I don't get it. 'Some' people take a joke seriously, and others take serious statements a joke.


    If they're too uptight and stupid, they won't get a bf/gf that will last forever.