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What Are You Thinking Right Now

  1. #996552016-02-26 02:03:56Yugure said:

    Eating after P.E + moving some things is the best, despite not having anything fancy for bornday.

    I am content~

  2. #1028662016-05-23 11:46:50 *Enami said:

    I did, made a few ones but I had no editing program and was just using websites to do it, it was crappy and honestly I didn't even put in that much efforts because I would need to work a lot on it for it to be good with just a website, just your typical compiled anime clips with slapped music on them >=>

  3. #997562016-02-28 17:41:07 *Yugure said:

    Monday - where my new home has no net, and the first school of the week has quizzes, projects and gym. :/