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What Are You Thinking Right Now

  1. #1019982016-05-04 01:11:56Mitsumami said:

    How much I want to strangle the proctor during my exam because she didn't warn us how many minutes we had before the exam is over and I pretty much left my exam incomplete :^) I could've sonic the hedgehog that shit if I was given the heads up.

  2. #1020892016-05-07 11:15:48 *EvoRulz said:

    I could probably fill the front page with entries because noone has posted in the last 10 hours and I had a lot of things waiting to upload that i never got around to...

    On the other hand :V I just had seven servings of currry and rice takeaway indian food LOL good thing i only grow vertically for now

    Also ^^ Ali has her school dance today! I hope she has fun :3 >o> hopeeefully her parents let her have her phone to take some pictures :c

    :3 In any case I think loads of things to say so I should switch to twitter after this maybe

  3. #1020962016-05-07 13:21:14 *Yugure said:

    That life message is actually for that retarded Canadian boy here :/

    Now I feel bad that it made him assume it's him and wrote in the same thread. ...Not really.

  4. #1021012016-05-07 13:33:41dude said:

    Hope she will be happy and I can see that smile again after I brings back the 'present' for Mother's Day... Please wait till tomorrow... Happy Mother's Day,mom....