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What Are You Thinking Right Now

  1. #1066032016-09-01 23:58:23 *EvoRulz said:

    Since CL is currently dead quiet

       /' _.--.<
         /'     `'
       /' _.---._____
       \.'   ___, .-'`
           /'    \\             .
         /'       `-.          -|-
        |                       |
        |                   .-'~~~`-.
        |                 .'         `.
        |                 |  R  I  P  |

    Time to shitpost on everything ever

    also how the heck do you make that black box come up at will?? ^

  2. #1066522016-09-03 16:55:42Bavalt said:

    They don't reverse either direction. Rather, if you turn around, you see things from the reverse perspective because your body is situated differently. If you do a handstand instead of turning normally, for example, you'll see things reversed vertically instead of horizontally, and if you always did it that way (somehow), it would seem to you like mirrors only reversed up and down, and not left and right.

  3. #1066212016-09-02 11:04:12supergal_gene said:

    I somehow want to cut my hair rn but then it's still short.. but just itching to grab a pair of scissors and trim it really really short. Should I cut it or nah?

  4. #1066282016-09-02 14:50:23 *Cyth said:

    I've observed that whenever people invite us to some occasion, mostly those events that involve interaction and food, they always ask for my family's approval like they're kind of event organizers or professional food critiques.

    Just earlier

    Person I don't know: How's the food?

    Aunt: Food is great! (blablabla person looks for the celebrant)

    (Aunt to me) But you know, because I'm old na, the lasagna is too meaty for me.

    Me: They've served lasagna?

    Aunt: Too meaty.

    Me: WHERE?

    Aunt: You'll get chubbier again.

    Me: gets up and looks for the lasagna

  5. #1066512016-09-03 16:13:43Cyth said:

    Theodore Finch... I was hoping he'd come back. Story got me more fucked up Hello to my swollen eyes tomorrow.

  6. #1066562016-09-03 23:59:55supergal_gene said:

    I somehow want to make methylamine or azo dyes or wish I could go back to how I made acetanilide and everything in the lab. Making ester, accidentally TNT jk but yeah.. but that's just a past I can never recover again

  7. #1067522016-09-07 11:43:05supergal_gene said:

    I guess I wouldnt be shocked if I died someday due to a car accident.. I've had waaaayyy too many close calls for car accidenppts or motorcycle accidents.. These near accident experiences are opening my eyes.. Maybe it is my fate to be in one.. A sign? shrugs