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What Are You Thinking Right Now

  1. #1067672016-09-08 06:05:27 *M_E_W said:

    My grandma's dogs have fleas and I ended up bringing some home after I went over there and now my cat has fleas and I am highly upset.

  2. #1068622016-09-10 19:03:10shafnat said:

    everytime i woke up i see dirt in my nail. i tried to scratch everything including myself to see where the dirt came from. but i never got the same dirt in my nail. what the actual fuck did i scratch when i was asleep?

  3. #1068882016-09-11 08:08:01shafnat said:

    @ccc @EvoRulz i do not even know if it's a dirt or not, it is kinda looks like mud but with grey color. even when i sleep gardening i think it's not possible since my house is kinda far from soil.

  4. #1068712016-09-10 22:30:57supergal_gene said:

    When you just have this clear image in your mind and you're smiling like an idiot while blushing. Why does this only happen in my mind? Siiiigghhhssss

  5. #1068982016-09-11 15:00:10 *Yugure said:

    Dreamed about playing Grand Chase, then I became one of the characters.

    Why the fuck is HE in that dream?! Also, I miss Grand Chase so bad...