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  1. The Colorless App Themes

    #911312015-08-10 23:17:16 *123-456-7890 said:

    I've came up with two different themes for the app design and its up to the CL community to choose their favorite design.

    The poll has ended

    Theme #1

    Login Page

    Threads Page (Recent Threads)


    Thread Post

    Theme #2

    Login Page

    Threads Page (Recent Threads)


    Thread Post

    The poll has ended

  2. #911432015-08-11 12:10:54Rinneko said:

    I agree with Kip, and picked theme #2 for the same reason. It's more true to the orginal site's theme in my opinion. While it may not have the modern vibe some are looking for, it is basic and minimalistic.

  3. #911452015-08-11 12:18:53 *Lieutenant said:

    I only personally think that the threads page could have been designed a little better. Probably because the numbers' size and the placement of the title seemed to be a little off. Just what I think anyway. Also the default Username and Password words on the login page could have been aligned center.

  4. #911722015-08-12 17:15:00 *123-456-7890 said:


    Everything looks normal when the picture fits on your android device.

    User name and Password are to the left to give a sense where the words will begin. Besides, centering substitute text in a textbox isnt exactly an acceptable design, nor does it look any pleasant

  5. #911952015-08-14 04:37:47Lieutenant said:

    @123-456-7890 Understandable. Also, posting image on chat is doable? Since there's the camera symbol on the text bar.

    On the side note, I am wondering how the app will look any different on members of different roles (regular member and staff) since both parties have a slight difference on their right buttons due to their roles, like how staff has access to some different pages that the regular members can't (ban page, flag page and muting system on chat).

    You also haven't show a lot of things like the PMs, search bar and right buttons on the side, also the navigation, donation etc (many more really). I assume that you're working on these things and we're pretty much looking forward to it.

    Anyways, this is a good progress, just yeah, I'm just curious of those little matters.

  6. #912062015-08-14 19:27:55123-456-7890 said:


    We are planning to incorporate images into chat, and according to @Tutu its going to be in a similar format as to how you would view a image in reddit (as in when you add a photo its going to show up as a little img icon, and when you click on it its going to direct you to the img)

    There will be no secondary view for staff, meaning it will look the same to either staff or regular members on the app. What I'm implying is that staff shouldn't be modding on the app anyways.

    The third icon (the right one) is the PM page, it is harder to implement (coding wise) and will probably not be out for use when we first launch the app. You will probably see something like this in place of the PM page instead

    As for other things like the search bar, settings, donations, miscellaneous navigations, those are planned to be placed on a side bar which is still in development.

  7. #912412015-08-17 17:07:47123-456-7890 said:

    So there are two ways this could go,


    Where both iOS and Android version have the same theme (Theme #2)



    iOS uses Theme #1 because that theme is more iOs styled, and Android uses Theme #1.

    I've also decided to darken Theme #2 so it looks better

  8. #913682015-08-20 23:29:34123-456-7890 said:

    I've decided that since the winning theme did not trump the losing theme by a huge majority, I'm going to make Theme #1 as the iOS app theme and Theme #2 as the Android theme.

  9. #913802015-08-21 04:57:13Toku said:

    @123-456-7890 Would it be possible to make it so the user could switch back and forth if so desired, or to (when more themes are made, if they are) other ones?

  10. #914002015-08-21 10:37:13SoldierNett said:

    I personally like the first design. It has the modern appeal to it with the blurred backgrounds, and that describes many of our members. All our backgrounds and life is unknown to each other and is blurred out with different colors images whatever. And it really gives out a different meaning than just how it looks. It's nice to have some changes once in a while, people just need to try it to see how it feels.

  11. #914092015-08-21 21:57:27Tutu said:

    Sorry, this app will be taking quite some time to develop as there are currently only me as developer, and I do not have that much experience or are a good programmer, it take quite some time :). We are always in need for new people for helping out so , just talk to numbers if you are interested in joining the dev team.

  12. #918002015-09-01 20:16:33Tutu said:

    yeah, not to let you down, but both me and numbas is at our last year now and we do not have that much time. Its kinda stale right now since I suck at web development haha