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  1. Crimson Drive

    #911392015-08-11 03:10:16 *Luciase said:

    Hello Everyone this is the thread for my comic with which i am currently working on and plan on releasing new chapters for it once a month once i get started. This thread is where you can go, to read it, and to help become part of it through many different polls or post your ideas, on how it should develop!

  2. #912652015-08-18 17:00:33Luciase said:

    Sorry folks this little comic of mine will have to wait a little while Ive have just returned and have many things with which i must deal with regarding Real life issues, sorry for any inconvenience.

  3. #916432015-08-28 03:58:44 *Luciase said:

    Hello everyone please fill this out for your ideas for characters in this little old comic i will be making if its filled out well enough and i can invision the characters ill be sure to add them to the comic! here is the character sheet feel free to fill one out!






    Eye color:

    Hair color:

    Weapons of choice:




    Powers(1-2): .

    Organizations (DSA, World Government, The Gate, The Academy, etc):

    Professions: can be anything for example an agent of the world governement, a public security agent, a Demon King, demon warrior, a member of the DSA, field agent, or recruiter, or you could be a teacher at the academy or maybe a student, maintance member? these are just examples you can be anything you want and i will try my best to keep your characters as much as yours as possible if the story will permit me to.


  4. #916622015-08-28 09:25:43Xehanort2 said:

    Scarlet Alizahn Girl 24 Human Red and white Black 1 Sword, 2 guns, and 2 shields Kind and gentle, but very easy to piss off. Fighting, romance, sneaking blocking, hates being told what to do, and cats flying (but only up to 6000 ft), and mind control World Government Assasin

    Her parents were murdered when she was 4. She has been living life by any means nessesary, she has a bad criminal record. Shes accused of robbery, murder, and escaping all prisons shes been in. She joined the World Government cause they needed her fighting and stealth skills. But only if she gets one thing she wants: a laboratory for just her. She has a little circle of close friends that are always loyal to each other. She has never had a boy/girl friend, but she does know how and wants one. Her sword comes apart into 2 pistols, and those pistols are silenced (for stealth purposes). Also, she has 1 brother, 1 sister, and absolutly LOVES weapons.

  5. #916642015-08-28 09:39:21Xehanort2 said:

    Name: Scarlet Alizahn. Gender: girl. Age: 24. Race: Human. Eye colors: Red and white. Hair Color: Black. Weapons: 1 sword that splits into 2 pistols, and 2 shields. Personality: Kind and gentle, very easy to piss off. Strengths: Fighting, romance, and sneaking. Weaknesses: Blocking, hates being told what to do, and cats. Powers: flying ( but only up to 10000 ft) and mind control. Organization and Profession: World Government Assasin. (read the first background, i dont feel like retypeing it., but i think this post will be easier to read.)

  6. #917292015-08-29 21:23:26 *Zach said:

    Name: Zach, He doesn't like sharing his last name To anyone.

    Gender: Male

    Age: 18

    Race: Human

    Eye color: Brown

    Hair color: Black

    Weapons of choice: War hammer

    Personality: is kind to those who are kind to him

    Strengths: His Hammer

    Weaknesses: Clowns

    Powers(1-2): Super Strength and the ability to Run at high speeds.

    Organizations: The Academy (Student)

  7. #917302015-08-29 21:30:42 *Luciase said:

    Name: Damian Velain

    alias: God Of Death, King

    Gender: Male

    Age: 25

    Race: Human

    Eye color: lightning blue, with a hint of red

    Hair color: Black, with red tips

    Weapons of choice: anything he can use but mainly relies on his fists, and power.

    Personality: Cool headed, a bit lazy, can be cruel.

    Strengths: Protects his students, has professional attitude while on the job, and has the strength and endurance of a Mao and the abilites of a god.

    Weaknesses: easily pissed off, willing to sacrifice himself to protect his students, can only use his full power during a solar eclipse or in conditions similar to that of a solar eclipse, when there is a lunar eclipse or conditions that are similar his form reverts to that of a child.

    Powers(1-2): has the powers of a Mao lord, and abilities of the god of lightning.

    Organizations: DSA active agent, Teaching at The academy.

    Background: will not be released because it will contain spoilers.

  8. #940462015-11-15 03:52:14Johtoh said:

    Name: Johtoh

    alias: Joh

    Gender: Male Cat

    Age: Meow

    Race: Cat

    Eye color: Black dots

    Hair color: Blue

    Weapons of choice: Sleep

    Personality: Chill/laid back. Angry at those who don't like sleep. Always wants to sleep.

    Strengths: Sleeping

    Weaknesses: Waking up

    Powers(1-2): . When asleep, those around him sleep also. After waking up enters a berserk mode where abilities increase 50x for 20 minutes.

    Organizations : Civilian

    Professions: Bartender / Sushi chef

    Background: A cat who gained powers from meowing constantly for a month. Has learned human speech to open his own Restaurant / Bar at night.

  9. #940482015-11-15 03:58:08 *Zyxx23 said:

    Name: ???

    alias: Meiser

    Gender: Male

    Age: 20

    Race: Altered human

    Eye color: Dead grey

    Hair color: Silver

    Weapons of choice: A knife blessed by death himself

    Personality: Aloof and emotionless, likes to observe humans and does not hesitate to kill if ordered to

    Strengths: He is witty and quick on his feet. Has good combat instincts. He has a lot of knowledge about the world due to him being a bookworm. He has mastered the use of any weapon but prefers the knife above all. He has a very powerful eyesight which lets him see every detail.

    Weaknesses: Does not trust anyone but himself. He sees no good or evil, just the task at hand which needs to be fulfilled, which leads to him ignoring everything else. Can't swim. Tends to work alone.

    Powers(1-2): Teleportation and a skill called "time down" (allows him to slow down time for a short amount of time, but uses up a lot of his stamina)

    Organisation: Unaffiliated

    Profession: Tracker/retriever (can track and retrieve anyone/anything from anywhere, being unaffiliated means anyone can hire him for a certain price)

    Background: Escaped from a laboratory which conducts human experiments in order to "understand and evolve the human species". With his new found freedom, he goes around observing what the world has become, but also seeks to find his long forgotten identity.

  10. #940582015-11-15 05:17:34 *Phantom_Net said:

    Name: Amelia Rose Parker

    alias: Ami or Anon

    Gender: Female

    Age: 13

    Race: Takes form of a human at day but a seraph at night

    Eye color: hazel

    Hair color: blond

    Weapons of choice: Katana

    Personality: very shy and nice but deadly when provoked

    Strengths: Strong eyesight in which she's able to see in the dark, very quick reflexes, very intelligent due to her powers

    Weaknesses: Can't swim, scared of thunder and has trust problems

    Powers(1-2): Age Shifting (Ability to accelerate or reverse the aging process) and Knowledge Absorption (Ability to psychically absorb knowledge from other people)

    Organizations: Unaffiliated

    Professions: Hacker

    Background: For years, she's been imprisoned and tested on for research by the government, she finally escapes from the hell hole and now wonders the world, searching for her family.

  11. #940682015-11-15 10:08:24 *Coldu said:

    Name: Coldu Showerhead

    alias: Coldu

    Gender: Male

    Age: 18

    Race: Human

    Eye color: Light Brown

    Hair color: Light Brown

    Weapons of choice: Coldu doesn't use weapons.

    Personality: Empathetic, kind, the type of person you have to explain a joke to. Gets embarrassed easily, very determined but prone to failing. Brave and optimistic. Hard to anger.

    Strengths: Cheering people up. Serving as a meat-shield. Remaining positive even at the most critical times. Common sense. Hugging people. Always ready to help out someone in need. Sensing bad vibes.

    Weaknesses: Can't work by himself, although he is very independent by nature, he would like to have someone by his side. Can't swim. Relies on glasses for vision. Needs hugs. Low self-esteem. Flirting and being flirted with.

    Powers(1-2): Healing - Coldu can heal physical wounds, the healing process is faster when he does it on someone other than himself. Healing doesn't allow Coldu to cure illnesses. The worse the wound is, the more time Coldu needs to heal it.

    Potential - Coldu can replicate any wound on his body, to another person's body. The wound will appear on the exact same place as it is on Coldu's body. Concentration is essential, critical wounds are extremely difficult to transfer. Coldu doesn't use this ability often.

    Organizations: The Academy

    Profession: Ordinary student.

    Background: Coldu grew up in a negative household. His parents didn't get along and wouldn't hesitate to argue in front of him. As he was growing up, it was pretty clear that he was slightly mentally unstable. Aside from that, his parents loved him, and so did most of his relatives. Prior to discovering his powers, Coldu always felt like he was somewhat special, but useless at the same time. Once the discovery was made, he was in the age to enter the academy and leave it all behind.

  12. #944342015-11-22 17:46:52 *Enami said:

    Name: Eva cassius aldora.

    alias: Silent blade.

    Gender: Female.


    Race: Half human, half elf.

    Eye color: Black with a hint of dark blue.

    Hair color: Silvery blue.

    Weapons of choice: a Katana sword, and poisoned daggers.

    Personality: Calm and collected,she's a woman of few words, loyal and doesn't trust people easily but once she does, she can be sweet and caring.

    Strengths: Observant,Smart, a strategist ,she's very fast and and has amazing swordmanship skills, confident in her skills.

    Weaknesses: Private,repress her feelings and tend to overload herself, can be stubborn sometimes ,and due to her leaving her clan before learning any magic, she deosn't know a wide variety of magic, as she can only create illusions and teleport(the magic she leanrned from the man who took care of her for a while).

    Powers(1-2): -she's an illusionist (can create illusions). -teleportation.

    Organizations: World Government.

    Professions: World government body guard.

    Background: She was kicked out by her clan (a small clan in which resided the last of their kind) of elfs for bearing human blood and she was taken care of later by a strong wanderer elf who teached her some magic, and how to use a sword, but he died of a sickness once she reached 20, that's when she joined world government because she had nowhere to go (she was recruited for her amazing power, and being an elf on top of that which is extremely rare since in her small clan resided the last of their kind).

  13. #948302015-11-30 03:54:45AshitoKenji said:

    Name: Kenji Ashito

    alias: Ken, Ash

    Gender: Male

    Age: 24

    Race: Fairy, but stays in human form unless fighting.

    Eye color: Light brown

    Hair color: Dark brown

    Weapons of choice: Doesn't use weapons.

    Personality: Happy, fun, enjoys the little things in life, cautious, enjoys puzzles and writing.

    Strengths: Thinks things through, puts his team mates before himself (can be a weakness), boosting people's confidence.

    Weaknesses: Rushes, impatient, can put pressure on his team mates to get things done quickly and properly. Doesn't use magic. His past.

    Powers(1-2): Fairy Magic, uses unknown. Wings.

    Profession: Teacher.

    Background: Banished from the Land of Fairies for committing an unknown crime. Doesn't use any of his magic because he is afraid of something that happened in the Land of Fairies. In the human world he is forced into a human form but during battles he transforms into a half-fairy, which is known to boost his strength, and gives him wings so he can fly. He can't transform into full fairy.

  14. #1034032016-06-10 02:45:19 *Wolfangle said:

    Name: Felix

    alias: King of Profligacy

    Gender: Male

    Age: 26

    Race: Human

    Eye color: Grayish Green

    Hair color: White with gold tips

    Weapons of choice: Not professional, but Mixed Martial Arts & a few parkour elements to get the job done.

    Personality: Sadistic & clearly insane, Lives for excitement & can't stand anything of the 'usual'. Also has a nice personality~ Yet lives a normal life as a bartender when not an insane, sadistic "gentleman" (i will not degrade my character)

    Powers(1-2): Space/time distortion (The ability to transport anywhere using portals through space/time) & the ability to kill anyone without a single touch in limited radius.

    Strengths: Combat, mobility, and reflexes. Also shows some empathy towards children.

    Weaknesses: Heart skips a beat each time murderous power is used. Only used in dire situations.

    Organizations: The Gate ((?)I'm still not sure on what these organizations represent)

    Professions: Full-time late night bartender

    Background: Felix, a full time late night bartender was one a part timer years ago for a teen job at The Gate. During his time there he with his risky ego, he'd head off to the dangerous marked closed off areas of the gate where the wifi was oddly better & no one to bother him. After a while, the odd aura which leaked out from time to time brought upon him side effects of a dual personality. Since then he's learned to be open minded with his new side to things and live in harmony with the twisted insanity that lives within him, while reeking havoc every now & then.

  15. #1034042016-06-10 03:30:22 *EvoRulz said:

    Name: Evo

    alias: The Lone Ranger

    Gender: Male

    Age: 17

    Race: Human

    Eye color: Dark Brown

    Hair color: Dark Brown

    Weapons of choice: Saxe Knife, Throwing Knife, and Long Bow

    Personality: Cautious but warm

    Strengths: Legendary Archer ("One Riot One Ranger")

    dual-wielding long knives, although rangers prefer using ranged weapons Throwing knives Stealth Climbing Detecting or laying traps Tracking and leaving no trail to be tracked Knowledge of herbs for medical and poisonous uses Ability to move quickly through the forests due to them living among them

    Weaknesses: Magic, Ramen..

    Powers(1-2): The ability to mimic people's voices very very well, and the ability to project his voice in a way that sounds like it's coming from a different direction.

    Organizations: World Government

    Professions: Ranger

    Background: Always wears a hooded cloak. They are the "police" of the country and widely feared. Normal people consider them sorcerers of the black arts, but the rangers do not associate with magic. There are fifty active rangers in the Ranger's corps and all of them are skilled bowmen, trackers, knife fighters and throwers, and are masters in unseen and unheard movements. Each certified ranger is required to protect and deal with trouble and laws in their region. One riot? one ranger.

    Alt Text

  16. #1034052016-06-10 03:39:30 *BakaHime said:

    Name: Milica (Last name was discarded to prtoect her well-being)

    alias: Child of the Unknown

    Gender: Female

    Age: 15

    Race: Human

    Eye color: Brown when normal; Bright Yellow when scared

    Hair color: Platinum White; Formerly Black

    Weapons of choice: Doesn't use weapons.

    Personality: Likes referring to herself in third person when she's not being serious and relating everything to berries. Personal questions pokes at her inner sorrow. Hates attention and can be very vexing at times.

    Strengths: Intelligence

    Weaknesses: Fighting


    Manipulation- similar to Mind Control except this one's less exhausting, does not need her full attention depending on the size of the object and cannot be used on living things. Usage is up to 3 hours also depending on the size of the object.

    Mind Control- very hard to control and has to have her full attention. If she doesn't focus she might trigger something that will fatally damage both of their minds. She'll be very exhausted afterwards and depending on how long she's been using her power she may immediately pass out. Used as a last resort. (max usage as of now: 20 minutes, can be increased by endurance training)

    Organizations: Unaffiliated. Currently wandering around places, trying to find people who won't kill her.

    Professions: None.

    Background: At age 10, she watched her family get brutally murdered for knowing far too many things. Her family used all their power to keep Milica alive in hopes that she'll continue searching for the truth. Every place she set foot on has tried to kill her, and her eyes didn't do much help in concealing her identity. 5 years later, Milica's still on the run, not knowing where to go and not having a place to return.

  17. #1119442017-09-13 01:27:19Luciase said:

    Notification the prologue is almost complete I hope everyone will enjoy it when it is finished, on the plus side keep creating characters if you wish to see them in the story!