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  1. Great Times That Ended Up Bad

    #911762015-08-13 07:36:04ccc said:

    When I see my gf but we end up arguing for no good reason at the end before I drop her off at home

  2. #911812015-08-13 14:53:39 *Cloud-VK said:

    Two weeks ago, this very very hot girl came over to the house to swim, she was visiting us cause we were having a party that weekend.

    When I went over to hit the pool she was out of the water and she ran over to give me a hug ( to get me soaking wet =_= ) anyway she jumped up, and hugged the shit outta me.

    But then she tried to drag me into the pool and I happen to remember that I had my phone and nearly three hundred dollars in my pocket. So I decided I was gonna throw her in. ...I even told her I was gonna throw her in. So I went to throw her, but she had her legs wrapped around me tighter than I thought, so she pulled my swimming trunks off and instead of flying into the pool she did a vertical 180 and got slammed against the edge of the pool right on her spine and when she resurfaced her girls were out, she couldn't hardly move and her back was black and purple the rest of the weekend. Not to mention she gave me a lifetime's worth of hell. =_=

  3. #912522015-08-18 01:00:27ccc said:

    Two days ago I tried Helping some people who got in an accident, I stop by to help em and my car gets sideswiped