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  1. That Sugar Film (documentary)

    #913962015-08-21 09:17:25Kirn said:

    Seeing how I can make threads again, let's go with another documentary. Now, this one is about sugar in our food and how it affects us.

    So, this is about an Australian actor with apparent death-wish, who actually had a healthy diet for a long time and then suddenly decided to try and switch for high-sugar diet for 60 days and see if that kills him. Now, the idea of this is not new. Morgan Spurlock did a very similar thing in Super Size Me, however here things are done a bit differently. Damon Gameau is looking not for fast-food effect, but for sugar effects specifically, and he is excluding foods that are perceived as 'unhealthy'. And, with support of a small army of medical specialists, he checks the results for us to see.
    This really is not a new premise. I have to say, it's not even a new idea. Some of the previous documentaries I put up here explored the effects of sugar already. So, like, we already know all this. Still, I do believe this film serves some good purposes. First of all, the result of a personal experiment like that may hit it much closer for some people. Actually seeing the guy getting fatter and unhealthier, that's what works to change the opinion of some. Second, this serves as part of continuous attempt at raising general awareness to the issue. Because yes, we all know that, but a lot of people still aren't aware. And lastly, in addition to this whole experiment thing, the movie also provides us with brief history on how we came to this state and with some interesting examples around the world.
    So, is this worth a watch? I would say - yes. You may know this issue already, however here the angle is that even foods we think are good for us actually are not. So that's certainly interesting and would make you more paranoid about a lot of things you eat. Also, I will have to say, this movie is entertaining. It's just some cinematic tricks, but the film cares enough to entertain us so we are kept interested, so it doesn't feel boring to watch. And it even employs help from people like Hugh Jackman and Stephen Fry to give us small performances. All in all, this is a pretty good fork for film concentrating on a personal experiment.