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  1. Rokka no Yuusha - Anime Discussion/First Impressions [POSSIBLE SPOILERS]

    #914372015-08-22 18:52:28 *Taro_Tanako said:

    Rokka no Yuusha


    • Main studio: Passione
    • Airing Season: Summer 2015
    • Genres: Shounen, Action, Fantasy, Adventure

    The only thing I've known the studio Passione to have made previously was the truly atrocious Rail Wars, but this just looked kinda intriguing due mainly to it's slight South American Aztec-y feel.


    This is a fantasy adventure pure and simple. The setting is a very Inca/Aztec/South American looking land of small kingdoms. Bordering these lands is a place filled with demons or fiends and every now and then their demon king tries to invade. However, the Goddess of Fate always chooses six legendary heroes to go and defeat him before he can get all up in their faces. Cue magic, ninjas, warriors, and badass fights.

    The setting is just different enough to be really interesting, with jungles, pyramids, crumbling ruins, but a culture that is quite familiar from other fantasy-esque settings. Fiends roam the lands plaguing the people with the occasional hero saving them from horrible massacre.


    The main character is a likeable arrogant guy, Adlet Mayer. He claims to be "the strongest man in the world". He is pretty cunning and badass, with all his little tricks and tactics. Other main characters are Princess Nashetania, a blade-summoning "saint of swords" famed to be the greatest warrior in the empire; Goldof, a hulking warrior and loyal retainer of Nashetania; and Fremy, the outcast and misunderstood "saint of gunpowder".

    They all have good early development and form a nice dynamic, not all getting along together. The other characters are introduced later but do not have much going on for them yet from what I've watched.


    Animation is pretty good and fluid. The action scenes are interesting and decent, and the scenery looks majestic where it needs to. Character designs are unique and offer a lot of variety. All in all it is satisfying, especially when compared to the standout awfulness of Rail Wars.


    Opening is alright (below). There's nothing really special about it or memorable though and you won't miss anything skipping it. Same for the ending. The voice acting is rather good and Adlet is a lot of fun.


    I would totally recommend checking this out if you haven't already. It's a good adventure anime with some nice little plot twists and a charismatic core bunch of characters. It does suffer a little from a slowed pacing due to some mystery later on, but this mingles some interesting exposition and development which proves rewarding to some extent. There is a slight element of Adlet developing a harem but so far this hasn't really happened. I am seeing this through to the end.

    I do have one question though, why is Nashetania dressed as a freaking bunny girl?

    So what do YOU think? Have any thoughts or comments then please post.

  2. #914442015-08-23 01:21:53 *Frey said:

    The animation was ok-ish from the first episode but it goes down pretty rapidly as it goes on. This is pretty understandable since Passione is a pretty new studio. But that's not what this show is gonna get you watching, but the conflict the Braves will be facing.

    This is the type of show that you don't want to binge watch(imo) to get the full experience as speculating with friends and or in a forum is what it wants you to do, seeing as one of the supposed plot twist was revealed in the plot overview.

    My only disappointment in this show is they allotted money in changing the OP/ED frequently instead of upping the animation quality I don't understand why they did that. UGH :(

  3. #914512015-08-23 07:18:32Momimochi said:

    I do have one question though, why is Nashetania dressed as a freaking bunny girl?

    Funny story: my friend decided to cosplay Nashetania. I did Hans. We realized we were kinda furry duo. ggwp.

    On another note, go read the light novels. Anime is following pretty decently but it's literally bait for S2 right now with the pace it's going at, ending at the end of volume 1 where literally another plot twist happens lol.

    Also because trolling is done much better in novels than anime.

  4. #914642015-08-23 15:22:39 *Rinneko said:

    The animation was what caught my eye. It certainly hasn't disappointed.

    Initially, I was neutral about the plot line. It seemed pretty cliche but had potential if the character development was done well. However, the character archetypes are pretty generic. They all come off as 2D characters at first glance, and even when they go into character history (such as Nachetanya being neglected by her father, as well as not having anyone to speak to as an equal) it isn't anything special.

    Then again, I'm still at the 4th episode so we'll see.