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  1. One or the other game

    #914502015-08-23 06:49:13 *ccc said:

    Put two choices The next person will pick one of the two And then will leave two choises For the next person to do the same

    Icecream or cake ?

  2. #915542015-08-26 08:13:27 *Farris said:

    A room full of ladies, but no one notices you... story of my life.

    Be forever stuck being 13 or forever stuck being 80?

  3. #915592015-08-26 15:12:07Ghelzonianses said:

    Stabbed in the face.

    Higher chance of living so I can get my revenge on the guy.

    Know your time of death or Know your cause of death?

  4. #915772015-08-26 20:35:53--Jack-- said:


    Anime With Guns! OR Anime With Swords!

    Yes I know both would be best, but for the sake of the choice...