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  1. CL Podcast #6: The Current State of CL

    #915222015-08-25 05:07:40 *Lieutenant said:

    CL Podcast #6 will be hosted by @Lieutenant with guests @Kip, @Kirn and @Rinneko; conversing and sharing their thoughts upon the current state of CL.

    Click on the picture to be taken to the site.

    TheColorless App Project

    Pandora Hearts

    Cowboy Bebop

    Wolf's Rain

    Fate Series


    Durarara!!x2 Shou


    CL Chorus: Crescent Moon

    The CL Great Mad Scientist Challenge!

    Nicholas II of Russia

    Writing Antologies

    CL projects

    CL archive

    CL staffs


  2. #915232015-08-25 05:08:15 *Lieutenant said:

    In the mean time, this thread is open for members to contribute their question(s) to be answered in the podcast later.

    If you've heard the podcast and enjoyed it, you'd probably enjoy the montage too! I'll keep the link here:

  3. #915272015-08-25 07:16:59--Jack-- said:

    Whats your favorite end-of-the-world scenario. Fictional or realistic, although fictional ones can be more entertaining.

    Also, if CL were some sort of sick, twisted, Willy Wonka-esque factory, what would we specialize in creating?

  4. #915402015-08-25 15:49:58Kirn said:

    I really would have wished for more intelligent question. You know, like make believe you want to try at least.

    Anyways, I will add some of mine:
    That are the future site updates, if any? That would be question for Kip, obviously.
    What kind of projects do you think would be good/doable for CL these days? I'd like to ask that to everyone involved.
    What do you think CL's purpose is? Also, want to ask you all that. Kinda of a popular theme for me, so I am naturally interested.
    And something less serious - how do you waste your free time?

  5. #915442015-08-25 19:46:50 *Taro_Tanako said:

    But seriously..

    • Are there any new CL projects planned and what are they likely to be?
    • How can CL be more involving for peeps?
    • Why has Kirn-san been unbanned and does this herald any significant change in the rules for users?
    • Are staff working on any exciting new features for the site?
    • If you could only eat one type of dessert for the rest of your lives and no other then what would it be?
    • Can we expect a regular podcast now?
    • Which staff (admin, mods, rangers) now cover which timezones? did ask for serious questions right?

  6. #915672015-08-26 16:30:24 *Lieutenant said:

    Anyways here are my questions.

    1) Your opinion on the difference between the old CL (which is an archive site now) and the newer (current) one, in terms of the society itself.

    2) Why do you think CL has diverted/moved from using DRRR as the main attraction?

    3) Your experience on having to use CL (what do you think of the site).

    4) Your opinion on people's participation on the site.

    5) Talk about the people you socialize with on the site.

    6) How do you see CL in years to come?

  7. #915702015-08-26 16:48:20 *Rinneko said:

    Of course, my primary question is the one that has been echoed many times above: why staff decided it's a good idea to unban Kirn again?

    Beyond that,

    1. Why do you stay with CL, despite its numerous ups and downs?

    2. What is your opinion on the old writing projects? (Just because I kind of miss them.)

    3. Which user(s) that no longer come to CL do you miss?

    4. Why was Kip admin-ed?

  8. #916662015-08-28 13:25:29Luciase said:

    Whats the general direction you guys see the Cl community going? and what direction would you guys wish it to go?

  9. #916672015-08-28 15:40:46Lieutenant said:

    The session will start on 29th August, 2015, 9pm GMT +8. Just to let you guys know the deadline for posting questions should be before then.