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Parent: CL User Guide: Kirn

  1. #917552015-08-30 15:47:49 *Momimochi said:


    I worry for your perception of yourself. I only get envious at other Asians. Don't hold yourself so high lol.

    Also, I never exactly tried to build one. It's a weeb site for fuck's sake. It's the LAST place I care about having a good rep nevermind a high rep. You know who else actually cared about their rep on a weeb site? Sen and DC. And guess who's the one that desperately wanted that same rep but never got it? You. Lol.
    That being said, I would never be envious of a thirty year old something man being obsessed enough with a dying site that they would lurk constantly and occassionally even create alt accounts to show how salty they are for being perma'd. Now that, is about the only thing I can find it in my entire body to respect even a little bit.