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Parent: CL User Guide: Kirn

  1. #917982015-09-01 20:00:59 *Taro_Tanako said:

    I know I'm gonna regret wading in here but..

    @Farris Momi is categorically NOT calling this member a keyboard crusader, and he is most certainly not one even though he likes to think so. Her point, whilst taken to a less reasonable extreme in comparing to slut-shaming etc, has a kernel of importance to it.

    This is a shameless glorification post of a single member who has no respect for you or any other person on CL, as far as has been shown. It gives warning in a terrible complicit way about behaviour that is inexcusable, especially from a veteran of CL. It is not cool.

    But then, if people want to engage in some ridiculous ego bukkake with this guy then play on I guess. Hopefully we will all find out the reasoning behind his 5th permaban lift..it is intriguing..

    EDIT: I erroneously understood Farris to be calling Kirn a keyboard crusader when he was referring to Momi. However, comment still stands to some degree.