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  1. The cake is for Lie.

    #919902015-09-12 16:25:16 *Kirn said:

    So yeah, okay, the title is horrible. Supposed to be a sort of a fucking pun on "A cake is a lie" phrase. Even though she hates when I call her Lie. But anyways. I seriously hope I am not mixing dates here... it would be fucking embarrassing if I did. Still, it's already 13th in Malaysia, so...

    @Lieutenant, congrats on getting one year older. First of all, have this usual b-day song:

    Second of all, even though you dislike cakes, here, have a goddamn fucking cake. It's in the form of beret! Green beret even! Take it, for fuck's sake!!

    Seriously though, here wishing you get all you want/need/hope and, most importantly, spend that Sunday reasonably well.

    You are one of the best things to happen to this pathetic fucking place, so be proud of yourself and be merry. Or don't.Go out and kill someone or something, I don't know.

    So here, have some celebration!

  2. #919912015-09-12 16:36:02 *Lieutenant said:

    Wait what why am I getting a birthday thread

    Also I hate cakes but thanks (?)

    Also, Kirn is full of tsundere in this thread, somewhat