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  1. Cats or Dogs? [POLL]

    #921692015-09-24 05:14:14 *Lieutenant said:

    Can't find any thread like this in the search bar so let's move on

    This is a very simple thread. Are you a cat person or a dog person?

    Whether it be cats or dogs for you, or perhaps even both, these adorable creatures keeps us entertained, whether it's on screen or off screen, they're most of the time irresistible and if treated right, can be your best companion, sometimes better than humans even.

    So yeah, answer ahead and post your opinion if you'd like to.

  2. #921802015-09-24 10:29:01 *Zyxx23 said:

    I'm a dog person, since I have a slight fear of cats. Yeah I know they are cute, but I just have a bad history with them. (also there are no penguins in this poll so dog it is T^T)

  3. #921832015-09-24 13:41:11 *Cloud-VK said:

    I have a cat and a dog. But, i'm siding with my dog, because my dog doesn't sleep on my face, or strait up attempts to sleep on my keyboard when I'm trying to work

    (ー ー;)