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  1. CL Chess Club [Summer Tournament, Fail]

    #922522015-09-27 08:10:52 *Kirn said:

    The Colorless Chess Club!

    Hello one and all. Yesterday we had quite a bit of fun playing chess. And as it turns out, we have people who are really into it. So I would like to propose a Colorless Chess Club (CCC) to organize chess fights between CL chess masters and to give people new to it a chance to learn this great game.

    And chess is a great game. A game of intelligence, a game of tacticians, a game of kings! And, most of all, it's a fun game that really makes you think and concentrate. So yes, it's good training for the brain and it's a good fun, so there's no reason not to try it.

    For now I would like for those interested in joining this activity to write here and say so. Additionally, don't be shy and share your game preference. Do you prefer to play unlimited time game or timed one? What is the good time to play for you (and what's your timezone, yeah)? How often would you like to gather up for this? Do you want to see free friendly matches or tournaments with rigid brackets?

    Now, I myself think that we should have this as a monthly event, some time on weekends, but depending on your feedback and on how this will go, times and conditions may be subject to change, so nothing is set in stone.

    In any case, write here even if you just like chess or never even played it and really want to. Members of any experience are welcome.

    Third Chess Tournament starts on 3rd!


    1. Deadline for signing up is June 2nd, and everyone can join as long as they register on Lichess site.
    2. Tournament follows double-elimination rules. If you lose once, you still have a chance!
    3. After the tournament match, results much be posted on this thread. Preferable way is for loser to post the match link and for the winner to confirm in sub-post that it was indeed a tournament match.
    4. Participants can continue to play chess with each other and people not participating in tournament. And should, because chess is fun. Even if it is your opponent for that round, after your tournament match and posting results, you can have other games with them all you want.
    5. In case there would be no match between participants during the 7-day period, outcome will be decided on case-by-case basis. By me. If I determine that both participants are to blame for not being able to schedule a match, both may be out. If I would be sure it's a fault of just one person, that person may be out and their opponent would be moved to the next round. I obviously hope we will be able to avoid cases like that though.
    6. Matches will be held on in a regular format - friendly game with creator picking random side and no time limit.
    7. Even though games won't have time limit, please don't drag the games out just to drag them out. Be mindful of your opponent.
    8. If players have no pieces left but their kings, or in case of stalemate situation, it is considered a draw and the match must be replayed to determine a winner.
    9. Even if you know who is your opponent for the next round match is, you should not have tournament matches against them before that round start. This is to help the flow of the tournament be more organized and to avoid some possible problems with brackets.

    Third Tournament Results:

  2. #922532015-09-27 08:11:21 *Lieutenant said:

    Full Name List

    *Name list will be updated from time to time.

    Do post and tell if you want to join this elegant game!

    Just so you know, we're going to use Lichess to play the game. You may sign up if you like, or not, you can play as anonymous too.

    We also have the Colorless Chess Club!

    The next match should be scheduled on next week, Friday-Sunday; 3rd-4th of October (no specific time because it doesn't take that long for a match), so make your way and join in and play till you drop.

    Next chess match will be scheduled on November 6th-8th!

    *In addition, you can always play with your friend(s) whenever you want!

  3. #922542015-09-27 08:12:10 *Lieutenant said:

    Recorded match

    players will be given a participation badge when at least one game is played, though only one badge per event.

    Past matches (1st and 2nd).

    1st Round Tournament

    Kirn VS Koushiro
    AshitoKenji VS EvoRulz
    Zyxx23 VS Rinneko
    CloudVariasKira VS effect
    BakaHime VS Teru

    2nd Round Tournament

    123-456-7890 VS effect
    Kirn VS Teil
    Drentii VS Zyxx23
    Taro_Tanako VS schmidt
    AshitoKenji VS Grinners
    BakaHime VS Lieutenant

    3rd Round Tournament

    Wolfangle VS AshitoKenji
    BakaHime VS Taro_Tanako
    123-456-7890 VS Kirn

    4th Round Tournament

    Zyxx23 VS BakaHime
    Kirn VS Wolfangle

    Last Round Tournament

    Zyxx23 VS Kirn
    BakaHime VS Wolfangle

    This content may or may not contain full list of matches by players, you can simply visit their Lichess account to view the full matches.

  4. #922592015-09-27 09:12:47 *Rinneko said:

    I am interested! However, just a warning: I am also absolutely new at chess, and have no experience beyond Wikipedia articles.

    I will generally be free after 9PM on Fridays and Saturdays, and my timezone is GMT+8. I personally think bi-monthly or monthly games would be just the right amount! :)

    I would like to see free friendly matches, and am pretty much neutral on the matter of timed or not timed since I haven't personally experienced the difference.

  5. #922602015-09-27 09:13:36BakaHime said:

    Do you prefer to play unlimited time game or timed one? What is the good time to play for you (and what's your timezone, yeah)? How often would you like to gather up for this? Do you want to see free friendly matches or tournaments with rigid brackets?



    -meh GMT +8, weekdays monday 3:00-7:00(depends tbh) everyother weekday is 5:30-7:00 weekends depends :'D

    -as often as i can

    -either is fine


  6. #922752015-09-27 16:50:25Kirn said:

    @Kip, joining in isn't a compulsory thing or anything, I won't be running after you with a chessboard yelling "Play or diiiiieeeee!"

    But if you are interested, you are always welcome, plus you can always ask people about playing a match on any time when you all are free and on chat.

  7. #922772015-09-27 17:25:40Cloud-VK said:

    Urm on weekends my internet time is pretty limited, but during the week i'm totally free to play.

    By the way, I don't see anything about how or where we're gonna play chess. Did you guys find a good website or something?

  8. #922842015-09-27 19:01:47Teil said:

    I'll be joining this as well. I have a pretty flexible schedule outside of Monday and Tuesday so I'll generally be free on any other day. I mostly play unlimited but I'm not opposed to timed games at all. Tournaments also sound pretty damn fun so I'm all for some of those too.

    My timezone is EST UTC-5:00