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CL Chess Club [Summer Tournament, Fail]

  1. #923012015-09-28 12:13:10Kirn said:

    Btw, I do advice you all to create Lichess accounts, really. Preferably using your CL name. Would make things more personalized, plus you will get access to some logs through your profile and will be able to review past games easily that way.

  2. #923062015-09-28 14:24:39Clever said:

    Sounds cool, I'm in.

    Do you prefer to play unlimited time game or timed one? Unlimited please. What is the good time to play for you (and what's your timezone, yeah)? In the evenings, it varies. Also, in Central US time. How often would you like to gather up for this? I'm a casual player, so yeah. Do you want to see free friendly matches or tournaments with rigid brackets? Friendly matches. Keep it cool.

  3. #923072015-09-28 14:35:40 *Lieutenant said:

    If you made an account on Lichess, do make a subpost here, just so I can keep track on it!

    Making an account is not compulsory, it definitely make things easier but yes, only depends on you.

  4. #923232015-09-29 01:51:26Sparrow said:

    I'd like to join! I can play anytime after 4 P.M on US central time, and earlier if it's a weekend. Unlimited time would be fine for me. I'd like to see both friendly games and tournaments, if there are enough participants in it.

  5. #923302015-09-29 11:09:23Kirn said:

    Btw, just to add myself to the list. Kirn here, Kirn account name there. Yep.

    (Lie, add yourself too, be a man!)

  6. #923522015-09-30 13:35:48 *Kirn said:

    We now have our own club on Lichess. So if you registered, you can apply to the glorious Colorless Chess Club team there. For even better progress tracing and such. We also would get forum there, even though we obviously already have one, so whatever. Just join.
    PS. Registering is not open to everyone, to keep only our people there, so apply and I will confirm the application soon enough.

  7. #924002015-10-02 05:54:56 *Lieutenant said:

    Depending on time zones, it's already Friday! So go on ahead and play chess all you want till you drop, challenge any players you want and polish your skill until the real tournament would start one day, surely you're excited for that ain't it?!

    I will keep an eye on chat today to record the tournament (this is where your Lichess account gets useful, really), play at least one game so that you'll get the participation badge later!

    In addition, don't forget to check the 3rd post of this thread to check out the matches between users of CL!

  8. #924242015-10-03 07:40:51Kirn said:

    Just a reminder - while @Lieutenant is working hard to log your games, if you play a game, don't be reluctant to post the link to it here. Especially if there are no games of yours in the third post yet. Technically, we can use team's logs to see if you played any games against other CL members, but some of us aren't registered there (like @Effect, for example, that bastard), so it's impossible to track you all.

    Also, here, have a analysis of Game of the Century. @BakaHime got it to chat, and I think it should be on this thread also. It's very educational.

  9. #924252015-10-03 07:46:10Lieutenant said:

    I won't be putting exactly ALL matches on the 3rd post though, only one match of two players instead of it getting repetitive, so the list won't be clusterfuck.

  10. #924382015-10-03 16:40:53 *Clever said:

    I played @Coldu twice and just barely won both :3 [First,] (http://en.lichess.org/sy74FfRVZwjB), [and the second.] (http://en.lichess.org/aeWl00Q8AlJ0)

    Someone help me out here, I couldn't get the hyperlink to work