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CL Chess Club [Summer Tournament, Fail]

  1. #924612015-10-04 16:38:46Lieutenant said:

    Basically from my timezone, the event's already over, but since it's not yet on others' timezones, well, keep on playing before we make any closure.

  2. #924642015-10-04 22:00:14Kirn said:

    @effect most people wanted to play casually for now, so that's what we were aiming here. And yes, all your rant on chat about kicking ass is now void. No competition was going. Ha.

  3. #927672015-10-19 12:51:41Lieutenant said:

    I hope you guys are enjoying the Strategist badge that has been put up thanks to the staff (please do tell if you haven't get the badge even though you participated) and also sorry for the late distribution. I also got the feedback from some of the users that we should make this event again.

    I suppose we can do one more and then finally think about having a real tournament out of it. That's just what I think personally.

    Do post your opinion too. This event would have never succeeded without you guys.

  4. #927682015-10-19 12:57:31Kirn said:

    I think, we can do one more event like last time this month, or right between months. And then make tournament somewhere close to halloween or something.

    Second event would do well to measure participation, too. Will it be higher, lover or whatever.

    So, yeah, give your opinions on times and other matters, don't be shy to apply if you haven't yet joined our glorious Club, and congrats everyone who got the badge!

  5. #927742015-10-19 17:36:19Rinneko said:

    Personally, I wouldn't mind participating in a more formal tournament if there are enough users who can make time to sit down and join in, and if we can find a common timing for it. I'm assuming that there will be a stricter time frame if it's a real tournament compared to the general weekend bracket we had the previous time?

    I'm also not sure if having a tournament close to Halloween will be a good idea because people might be out celebrating or something.

  6. #928092015-10-21 04:53:52Kirn said:

    @Rebel you are obviously welcome to join. On the event time we will occupy the chat with glorious chess carnage, but even before that you can easily play with others, just seek them out on chat, or you can just play on the site we use against random opponent or machine.

  7. #929422015-10-23 09:39:03Kirn said:

    So. We are working on deciding time for next event. For now I think that it can be either period from 30th to the 1st, or from the 6th November to the 8th. First date is obviously closer, but it overlaps with Halloween. Now, my country doesn't have that celebration, so it's no difference for me, but it was already pointed out that for some it may be not the best time to dedicate themselves to chess. So speak up if you support 30th-1th or 6th-8th weekends.

    Additionally, I think next event still should be non-tournament one. Main reason is, I still want people to get used to the whole game format, plus I want to get some people in who didn't play yet (looking at @Kip here) in without the immediate pressure of the tournament. So for now my plan is to make one more "normal" event, and then start preparing for the tournament.

  8. #929492015-10-23 14:22:56Lieutenant said:

    30th October - 1st November, I'll probably be busy, gotta go down to town to buy stuffs. 6th-8th of November would be more suitable for me.

  9. #929542015-10-23 16:16:54123-456-7890 said:

    Yeah I'll be busy during Halloween, not cuz I do it, but because everyone around me just goes crazy and and I have to deal with it.

  10. #929802015-10-24 05:36:45Rinneko said:

    I would prefer 6-8 November because I'd be free of most other real life obligations during that period. I also think that you've made a good point about the non-tournament idea so I'd be fine whichever way it eventually goes.