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CL Chess Club [Summer Tournament, Fail]

  1. #1015312016-04-21 13:43:30Lieutenant said:

    Pretty sure everyone else wants the goddamn rare Grandmaster badge. One of these days we should make that tournament happen again.

  2. #1015322016-04-21 13:43:53Kirn said:

    Because noone is playing, obviously. I have thoughts about possible next event, but I am uncertain if there will be much participation now.

  3. #1017882016-04-28 15:33:53 *Lieutenant said:

    We keep getting error page on forum-posting when we post links in it, it posts the thing but didn't bump the thread, man this place is broken..

  4. #1017992016-04-28 16:18:45Wolfangle said:

    @Kirn Woah woah wait man, you clicked the resign button? Thought we went for draw. Honestly still could've been anyone's game, but clearly a draw.

  5. #1028542016-05-23 01:54:12Lieutenant said:

    I want us to make the 2nd tournament out of this again. I missed seeing people playing chess against each other.

    also you guys must want my grandmaster badge too ))

  6. #1029982016-05-26 15:48:13 *Qarr said:

    Actually, if this is still a thing, I'd like to partake in the next tournament if that is alright ? ^___^ ( although I suck at chess, I love the game)

  7. #1030102016-05-26 21:02:10 *Enami said:

    I finally joined the Colorless Chess Club and intend to participate this time, the result is obvious but I thought why not? :) Since I took part in some matches and got my ass beat anyway, no dignity left to save

  8. #1031052016-05-31 03:13:30Kirn said:

    Okay... We suddenly got a bit more people in the club, and Couples voting is nearing its end... so, I think this is a good time to plan another chess tournament.

    So, please write here if you want to participate, so I can make up a list. Also, I plan to do this somewhere in the following month, but I think, in universities, it's time for exams, so do say if you can play during June, or you would prefer the tournament to take place later.

  9. #1031352016-05-31 08:56:47Rinneko said:

    I want to participate, please! I'd prefer to play during June.

    It's high time for me to start learning how to play chess again. :)

  10. #1031532016-05-31 15:34:18Wolfangle said:

    I'll be busy for a weekend on mid june & not sure if I'm still heading to spain in that month. But i've gotta defend my title, so I'll join.

  11. #1032322016-06-04 05:52:47 *Kirn said:

    So. Pinging all the members of the Club.

    @BakaHime @Neko-Chan @Zyxx23 @AshitoKenji @Rinneko @Coldu @Taro_Tanako @Dark-B @Yugure @CloudVariasKira @Kuroba_Loki @Frey @Teru @effect @Wolfangle @Teil @Kip @Clever @Sparrow @Kirn @Lieutenant @Farris @King_Deus @Rebel @123-456-7890 @EvoRulz @Jake @naidraug @SlamJamerino @--Jack-- @mizlily @Grinners @schmidt @Koushiro @Bayne @Biscuits @Qarr @Enami @CQKumber @Sheep

    If you want to participate but haven't wrote yet - do so. In other news - I think we will start this in 2 weeks... so, first matches, I believe, will have to start on... 18th. That's Saturday, so I hope we will get to an active start.
    On next Saturday - 11th - I will post some rules and general proceedings, so if you wanna participate, please be sure to write before that, cause I also will be making brackets about that time.

  12. #1033032016-06-06 13:38:27Rebel said:

    @kirn yea... maybe I could beat someone again without even playing XD... (joking, sign me up I'll be active for the summer/rainy season in my country)

  13. #1033732016-06-08 16:56:04Yugure said:

    Woops, I'm here.

    But yeah, I'll be busy for the rest of June (I have a bad feeling about this as well)

    I'll be wussing out. Again.