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CL Chess Club [Summer Tournament, Fail]

  1. #1049692016-07-13 15:52:06Kirn said:


    @Wolfangle remains the crowned colorless chess champion through the second tournament. Congratulations! Even though we had a really strong challenger for the final round, Wolfy remains unbeaten!

    That concludes the Second CL Chess Tournament, and I thank you all for participating.

    Doesn't mean we all stop playing chess. Play, train, and who knows, maybe we can kick Wolfy from the throne in the next one.

  2. #1050642016-07-15 17:06:39Kirn said:

    Every participant should have received their chess badges now, so if anyone didn't get one - do say so.

  3. #1087912017-01-15 04:42:28 *Lieutenant said:

    Bumping this thread to tell you guys that we're planning to organize another Chess Championship tourney somewhere this year.

    Don't know about your hype but it will happen! Who will be the new boss of the tourney? Will it still be Wolfy? Or someone else entirely?

    Stay tuned!

    Details to be given out later. In the meantime, keep playing chess and hone your skills, people!

    I feel like this is becoming once a year a thing now, which is good!

  4. #1087942017-01-15 06:57:39Kirn said:

    Yes, pretty much what Lieutenant said. It's important to know how often this should happen, but at least once a year is a minimum. Gotta find good time, also. Then again, this is chess, it's long-ass thing by definition, we can have matches even once a week. Anyways, we'll see about all the details.

    And yeah, I got fucking rusty myself now.

  5. #1103652017-05-04 16:41:51Kirn said:

    Well, days in my country are getting warmer, and that means that summer is soon. What that means? Means it's time to plan another (3rd) CL Chess Tournament. Or Colorless Chess Club Competition, just to make it C4. Anyways, here's obligatory ping:

    @BakaHime @Neko-Chan @Zyxx23 @AshitoKenji @Rinneko @Coldu @Taro_Tanako @Dark-B @Yugure @CloudVariasKira @Kuroba_Loki @Frey @Teru @effect @Wolfangle @Teil @Kip @Clever @Sparrow @Kirn @Lieutenant @Farris @King_Deus @Rebel @123-456-7890 @EvoRulz @Jake @naidraug @SlamJamerino @--Jack-- @mizlily @Grinners @schmidt @Koushiro @Bayne @Biscuits @Qarr @Enami @CQKumber @Sheep

    All members of the club and, naturally, everyone else who wants, can join the tournament. For now I want to see how many people are interested - planned period of tournament? Summer. From somewhere around the start of the summer to somewhere around the middle of the season. If you can/want/think about participating - write here.

    I am also currently thinking about the tournament format. Perhaps, instead of 1 victory deciding the result, this time we would make it 2-out-of-3 thing. I know, chess is a hard game, but I do think it will let us get better results and - most importantly - play more goddamn chess. So yes, comment if you yourself have any ideas or propositions about format.

    That's it. Start practicing again!

  6. #1103752017-05-04 22:52:35Farris said:

    Well then, for me I'll have to wait until I'm done with exams, so that means after the 18th of May. After that I should be relatively free. Unless I'm working, but I will probably always find time.

  7. #1103882017-05-05 10:16:30 *BakaHime said:

    I'm not sure if I can join... depends when it'll be held >o> my chess sucks ass now so I'd like to join for practice even if it means beating my pride up but aaaaaa school's about to start and I might get bombarded with a ton of shit. So ye, I might not join