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CL Chess Club [Summer Tournament, Fail]

  1. #1110752017-06-10 01:45:47Grinners said:

    Baka and I didn't get to do our match. It may be due to time zones, or just me being busy until Thursday night/Friday night from work and graduation. I would ask that any consequence be only on me and not Baka. Thank you. (:

  2. #1110772017-06-10 04:29:44Kirn said:

    Well, this is a fucking mess.... out of 8 games, 3 were not played. Fucking horrible. Still, I also fucked up on few counts here, so this is how we gonna do this.

    As of now, I am EXTENDING the round for 1 more week (until 16th) or until all matches are played. However, I am still ruling each unplayed match on case by case basis.

    @Grinners and @BakaHime:
    Since I know you both are alive, no changes for you - try to have the match, cause I don't want to kick out any of you without a game.

    @holg0290 and @Koushiro:
    As of now, Koushiro hasn't been online since the middle of May. So, technically, holg0290 is being ahead here. However, here I'd like to fix my personal fuck up. So I am pinging @Biscuits. If you still want in, I will can put you on Koushiro's place, so kick holg on PM or smth, and have a match.

    @Rebel and @ccc:
    Now this is hard. Rebel obviously looking for match, but ccc is on site also, and posted recently. Try to have a match, but if there's no match, I will rule in favor of Rebel.
    If @Lieutenant would decide to re-join the tournament, she can do so here, if there's still no match by the end of the extended deadline. But for now - consider the opponents of this match to be unchanged.

    Apologies to those who already played their matches. I hope, we will go a bit faster after a few rounds. But still, let's try to make this work.

  3. #1110862017-06-11 02:13:14Grinners said:

    I am ready for a match. Any time after 5:00 pm Eastern time is good for me. I'll check CL every time i get home from work. Also tomorrow (Sunday, June 11th) I can do it anytime really. Let me know when you're on @BakaHime.

  4. #1111022017-06-12 23:35:53Rebel said:

    Well @ccc is kinda on and off... @kirn if either of us lose we still have a chance right ?, if yes then just advance either of one of us, so we can get over the first round, and maybe next round we would be matched against with persons in closer time zones ? if no.. then @ccc make a date and time in your timezone then I'll be on then

  5. #1111082017-06-13 04:44:56Kirn said:

    @Rebel well, I am already holding this back, so you and @ccc should try to have a match... If not, I will have to move one or the other to other bracket, but yes, both will remain participants for the next round.

  6. #1111412017-06-17 10:17:00Kirn said:

    Okay, that was long enough for extension, let's actually continue the tourney. So, the brackets look like this now:

    Out of problematic matchups, I gave 'win' to holg, cause Koushiro is still not online since May, and to Rebel, cause he appeared more active in trying to have the match. Still, at this point noone is exactly out, so we have the same amount of matches in this second round:

    @Farris vs @Wolfangle
    @Grinners vs @Kirn
    @virtuNat vs @holg0290
    @Qarr vs @Rebel
    @Taro_Tanako vs @AshitoKenji
    @BakaHime vs @EvoRulz
    @Teru vs @Koushiro
    @Zyxx23 vs @ccc

    Second round starts now, and continues up to 24th. Meaning, you will have time including the next whole Saturday to hold the match. So, time to wake up and fight again!

  7. #1111552017-06-19 08:23:12ccc said:


    May we use an app ?, im in Mexico at the moment , I won't be home till maybe after the 25/26th of this month , nor do I have access to a computer

  8. #1113092017-06-29 15:42:25Kirn said:

    Too fabulous, Wolfy, too fabulous. Anyways, I will look at what's what on Sunday morning. Hopefully most fights would be done.

  9. #1113352017-07-02 19:06:37Kirn said:

    Okay... I let me see what we have here.

    @Farris vs @Wolfangle - done, Wolfy done splendidly, as always. That bastard.
    @virtuNat vs @holg0290 - nothing?
    @Qarr vs @Rebel - Qarr haven't been on site in a while, so Rebel would be winning by default, which I really don't like...
    @BakaHime vs @EvoRulz - any response from Baka?
    @Teru vs @Koushiro - Koushiro might as well be dead at this point.
    @Zyxx23 vs @ccc - Zyxx haven't been on since the middle of June.

    Meaning, after 2 weeks, we only have 4 matches done out of 8, and 3 participants pretty much dead on the site.

    So okay. I will do this last time. I apologize for this to those who are actually active and playing, but I will try extending this fucking round one more time. Pretty much, I am interested in @BakaHime vs @EvoRulz match, and if @virtuNat vs @holg0290 can happen, that would be good too, so try to reach each other.

    Next Sunday morning, those who haven't responded and/or played will be violently culled and I will stop giving any extensions whatsoever for the remainder of this cursed thing.

  10. #1113792017-07-06 21:03:25Rebel said:

    This underdog is gonna make it to the finals without lifting a finger XD... (seriously tho, let me at least have one game)