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CL Chess Club [Summer Tournament, Fail]

  1. #1114172017-07-10 18:12:39Wolfangle said:

    "0 inaccuracies, blunders, or mistakes". What now? This doesn't look like the noob I remember playing when you put money on the table

  2. #1114052017-07-09 08:11:07Kirn said:

    Okay. I honestly hate you all, but let's see what we got.

    @Farris vs @Wolfangle - Wolfy wins, as usual.
    @Grinners vs @Kirn - Grinners win, on to meet Wolfy now.
    @virtuNat vs @holg0290 - holg won there, contrats.
    @Qarr vs @Rebel - ffs Qarr.... Rebel sucker-wins this one too.
    @Taro_Tanako vs @AshitoKenji - Kenji wins
    @BakaHime vs @EvoRulz - ffs Baka... no show, so Evo moves forward.
    @Teru vs @Koushiro - ffs Koushiro, Teru moves forward.
    @Zyxx23 vs @ccc - ffs Zyxx... ccc moves on.

    So, brackets look like this now:

    Taro, Baka, Koushiro and Zyxx are eliminated from the tournament. Sadly, 3 of them were inactive, but I do thank Taro for giving his best. Now, the matches of round 3 are as follows:

    @Wolfangle vs @Grinners - good luck, Grinners...
    @holg0290 vs @Rebel - Rebel finally meets alive opponent...
    @Qarr vs @AshitoKenji - try to find Qarr if you can, but this is likely to be no-fight win for you.
    @virtuNat vs @EvoRulz - nothing special to say about this one. Have fun.
    @Kirn vs @Teru - oh, I gotta make time for that.
    @Farris vs @ccc - chance for one to rise back up!

    Timing for the round is one week, including the 16th. Meaning, on 17th Monday morning I will begrudgingly wake up and see what's up.
    There will be no more fucking extensions, you motherfuckers. So you all better play!
    Thankfully, it seems like we got mostly active players left, so this should speed things up a bit. Anyways. Round 3 - start!

  3. #1114232017-07-11 03:38:21Koushiro said:

    @Kirn @Teru i am so so sorry for a fuck up on my part completely my fault, my internet got cut off and the amount of term papers i had to cram into a 6 hour library pass intertwined too. Health reasons are minor, but all in all im so so sorry soooo sorry.

    i wont be able to have internet til after mid-august so i couldnt watch any play ups too. ffs.

  4. #1114752017-07-17 16:41:28 *Kirn said:

    Okay, well holy fuck, Wolfy lost a match! Now, we are playing double fucking elimination, so this all can still get turned the fuck around, but this is already a major feat. Good work!

    Now, let's see at the matches we had and did not have and let's decide on the winners:

    First, fights we had:
    @Wolfangle vs @Grinners - done fight, good fight!
    @virtuNat vs @EvoRulz - almost wrote this one off, but hay, you did it after all.
    @Kirn vs @Teru - good fight. I feel somewhat bad eliminating active player.

    And the ones we did not have:
    @holg0290 vs @Rebel - my fucking god, you fucking inept fucktards. Honestly, I hate you both and I almost want to give Rebel a win just for the retardness of it. But I will not.
    @Qarr vs @AshitoKenji - Qarr is still dead, so yeah, nothing to say here.
    @Farris vs @ccc - simply for this fucking 'Hey, sorry I forgot about this XD' Farris goes down.

    If you have any problem with fairness of the tournament - no fucks are given, and here's how brackets look now:

    You may notice it looks a bit weird. Now, here's the thing. Losers brackets needs to have more matches than winners bracket. So it actually needs to move a bit faster. So I can stall this shit as long as I can. So here are the matches:

    @holg0290 vs @Rebel - fight, you fuckers, fight!
    @Grinners waits for victor of that match, so... for now, take a break, train some more. Keep yourself in shape.
    @Wolfange - you also waiting for now for results of next matches.
    @AshitoKenji vs @virtuNat - elimination is at stake. Fight!
    @Kirn vs @ccc - oh hey, turns out I actually arbitrarily decided that I will fight ccc and not Farris. Well, that's life.

    So, to sum up, I want to see 2 idiots fight in winners bracket, and I want to have 2 good fights in losers brackets. I am not giving deadlines anymore, but do it within a week and/or before I get pissed again.

    Fight ffs!

  5. #1115102017-07-22 17:13:06Kirn said:

    @ccc first of all, I already asked you this question, here and through PM. No answer. Second of all I am waiting on chat. For quite a long time now.

  6. #1115162017-07-23 06:25:19Kirn said:

    Alright, we are moving! Thankfully, we had all the matches now, so here's the brackets.

    Fights we are going to have now:

    @Grinners vs @holg0290 - one fight we have in the top tier. Make it good!
    @Wolfange vs @virtuNat - Wolfy is out for blood after his loss!
    @Rebel vs @Kirn - oh hey, I got Rebel. Fun stuff.

    We are close to finishing here, so again, I am not setting strict time limits... just get it done. Fight!

  7. #1116072017-07-30 02:13:09Grinners said:

    Sorry, I've been swamped at work and have a really bad burn. @holg0290 I don't have you on discord, and I can't find you in any of the colourless related chats. PM me here some time tomorrow (Sunday) and we can get this done. Thanks!

  8. #1116262017-07-31 18:36:26 *holg0290 said:

    I am very sorry, there is going on a lot in my home right now, I have to drop out. a very close family member was hospitalized. we're not sure if he is gonna survive or not. I'm so sorry. I just have a lot of things to think about atm.

  9. #1116222017-07-31 08:07:05 *Wolfangle said:

    You should just give the win to nat. We played 1 game...almost. I made a turn, she made a, i made a turn, the end. Uhhhhhh

    Edit: Scratch that, we'll have it done by today