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CL Chess Club [Summer Tournament, Fail]

  1. #1116332017-08-01 04:20:52Kirn said:

    Well, fuck, that was unusual. We got one drop-out, and Wolfy is gunned down. The fuck is going on... anyways, I am eliminated, so all my job that's left is to see this thing through, so let's get on to that.


    Since @holg0290 is dropping out, technically, he is moved to the final stage of the losers brackets.
    And for now we only have 1 round to play:
    @virtuNat vs @Rebel
    This match will likely decide who will be coming back up to face against @Grinners again. So, go and kill each other with chess pieces in the bloodiest way possible.

  2. #1116692017-08-05 09:04:03Kirn said:

    Pretty much. Technically, holg is now higher than both of you, but since holg dropped out, we are skipping that part. So, whoever of you wins - that one is the winner of loser bracket (ha!), and then fight with Grinners. And if Grinners wins, that's in. But if Grinners loses, then there's one final fight to determine the champion for good.

  3. #1116742017-08-06 06:12:44Kirn said:

    @Rebel @virtuNat for this funny thing to actually happen or not happen - you do have to fight. So get to it. Find each other on chat or through PM and rip each others' throats out or smth.

  4. #1117012017-08-12 05:26:18 *virtuNat said:

    I have been defeated ; ~ ;

    And will now spend the rest of my life in chains with no sweets... Someone please save me from @Rebel 's clutches... Captured

    The 67-turn nail-biter!

    dumb locked game good game tho, shouldn't have let the rook slide and went for the stalemate instead, shrug.

  5. #1117042017-08-12 12:21:23Kirn said:

    I love how threatening you fucks works immediately. But anyways, @Rebel wins, then gets free win (4th one in the tournament ffs) against holg, and now it's finals time.


    So. @Rebel vs @Grinners
    Rules are thus. You play. If Grinners wins - Grinners is the champion. If Rebel wins - you play again, and whoever wins that next match is the champion.

    So get fucking to it! It's finals time!

  6. #1117892017-08-25 01:07:28Grinners said:

    So I am done work tomorrow, off for the school year. I'll be on around 5:30 and i'll be constantly checking tonight for Rebel too. PM if you want to get the show on the road. Good luck :D

  7. #1118112017-08-26 07:06:35Kirn said:

    That is a fair question. Well, since this is summer tournament... see, it fucking dragged all fucking summer. But anyways, if it won't end till the end of the fucking summer season, I will just shoot both remaining participants in the head.

  8. #1118262017-08-29 23:22:06Grinners said:

    @Rebel, please PM me when you are online. I receive email when mentioned and when I receive a PM. I cannot play chess on Saturday or Sunday due to the fact that I am packed and moving those days.

  9. #1118562017-08-30 16:11:59Kirn said:

    @Grinners @Rebel

    Not that anyone ever cared, but deadline for this thing is... Summer. Meaning, when it's 1st of September, going by this site server time, we are officially done, whatever the outcome.

  10. #1118732017-09-01 19:29:23Kirn said:

    Well, this is horrible. We dragged this from the start of the summer to right now. And now what we have is 1 match that just can't even happen. Bad thing is, if I kick both of you off I got noone to put on the first place. Also, Rebel, as the player who dropped down to lower bracket at some point, was supposed to have more fights in this game, but because so many people fucked off, he had the same amount of active fights that Grinners had. God fucking damnit. So, since there was a fight in which Rebel won, the brackets right now look like this exactly:


    So, what do I do at this point? Well, first of all, I am closing the tournament, as it is not even Summer anymore. Technically, what we have is a draw between @Grinners and @Rebel, and personally I don't give a fuck how you will resolve it, but you are welcome to resolve it on your own. Want to have that final match to decide who gets the grandmaster badge? You are welcome to do it. Want to leave it at draw and to not get a badge or to both get the badge? You are welcome to do it. Resolve it among yourselves, contact @--Jack--.
    I will compile a list of people who participated in fights and also will provide it to @--Jack-- soon so they would receive the usual chess badges.

    All in all, this went worse than anything before it - amount of people who dropped out was immense, there were scissions of cheating and almost everyone took to long to have games. Summer was a true season of fail.

    Anyways, thanks to all participants and all that.

  11. #1118792017-09-02 08:21:13Rebel said:

    Woot Woot it's over sorry @grinners my plans backfired and I fell asleep.....xD, @--Jack-- can we draw and both have the grandmaster badge, I can be king and she can be queen so shizz like that eh ?