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Parent: CL Chess Club [Summer Tournament, Fail]

  1. #922542015-09-27 08:12:10 *Lieutenant said:

    Recorded match

    players will be given a participation badge when at least one game is played, though only one badge per event.

    Past matches (1st and 2nd).

    1st Round Tournament

    Kirn VS Koushiro
    AshitoKenji VS EvoRulz
    Zyxx23 VS Rinneko
    CloudVariasKira VS effect
    BakaHime VS Teru

    2nd Round Tournament

    123-456-7890 VS effect
    Kirn VS Teil
    Drentii VS Zyxx23
    Taro_Tanako VS schmidt
    AshitoKenji VS Grinners
    BakaHime VS Lieutenant

    3rd Round Tournament

    Wolfangle VS AshitoKenji
    BakaHime VS Taro_Tanako
    123-456-7890 VS Kirn

    4th Round Tournament

    Zyxx23 VS BakaHime
    Kirn VS Wolfangle

    Last Round Tournament

    Zyxx23 VS Kirn
    BakaHime VS Wolfangle

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