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  1. The Colorless Halloween Spooky Story Spectacular [2015]

    #923712015-10-01 06:07:30 *--Jack-- said:

    October Is Here, Ladies and Gentlemen!

    As always it is a time for creepy images, jump-scares disguised as quality cinema, seductive Halloween costumes, mandatory pumpkin spice injections, and most loved of all...scary stories!

    Although this may not be like Writing Projects of time's past, the goal here is, undoubtedly, to have fun and share scary stories that we've made ourselves.

    The Project is subject to change! Tell me if you're interested!

    As it stands right now, we'll have until October 25th to submit stories. Everyone knows the hype for scary stuff ends after October 31st, on Halloween Night.


    • Word Limit: [A minimum of 600 words]. I figured a smaller word limit would help attract new users who haven't participated in the writer's corner before. But, there's no maximum word limit! Just try not to write a large novel!

    • Original Stories Only! Feel free to talk of anything (sharing ideas and things that inspire), but what you submit Must be yours

    • No overly-sexual content. Sure, some sensual stuff is fine, but it's not supposed to be a porn...even if it's a scary porn.

    • Gore is allowed, but only if it is noted before the story!! I wouldn't feel right telling people to tone down gore in a spooky story project, but you do need to let people know what they're getting into when reading!

    The Submission Process:

    Submitting your story will be relatively simple: Send me your word document (.rtf .doc etc) in one of several possible ways:

    • PM me a link (Dropbox, Mediafire, etc)

    • Send me a link over skype (Dropbox, Mediafire, etc)

    • Or simply send me the file over skype (if it's not to large)

    If you have any issues, concerns, or questions, feel free to ask me, whether in-chat, on skype if you have me, or in a PM~

  2. #923722015-10-01 06:09:55 *--Jack-- said:

    List of Judges

    Remember, judges will have to at least read through each submitted story!

    Depending on how many people apply, we can have 3 or 5 total judges!

    (By volunteering as a judge, you can still submit a story, but you cannot earn the second possible badge or have your story voted upon.)

    Judges...wait what?

    Yes, while all participants will receive the "Mightier Than the Sword" badge:


    ...the writers who's stories are voted best by the judges will also receive the "Aspiring Writer" badge:


    Also the winning stories will be read by @MrTingles on
    Story Time with MrTingles and Friends so look forward to that, folks!

  3. #923752015-10-01 06:22:12Lieutenant said:

    I am so looking forward to this. I am interested to join, even though my writing sucks. Have always wanted to participate in writing event.

    Also, how long should the story (number of words) at least be?

  4. #923812015-10-01 15:35:56Kirn said:

    Dear god, story from Loki... I can guarantee already, that it will make your blood fucking curdle.

    Anyways, I won't be joining in this time. Already wrote a creepy story for previous writing project. However, I can judge the fuck out of them participants if you will need anyone for that.

  5. #923902015-10-01 18:52:29 *--Jack-- said:



    Judging and the badges have been added, and hopefully explained well!

    *Edit: Everything's now been covered in the OP and secondary OPs! Submission process, word count, and how it's going down! Get writing!

  6. #923992015-10-02 04:33:17 *Zyxx23 said:

    Oh can I apply as a judge? I was planning on participating, but I can't think of a story so might as well apply as a judge. I have read a lot of scary stories so scaring me might be a tough one hehehe

  7. #924102015-10-02 17:44:01Rinneko said:

    I will probably write. The only problem, unsurprisingly, is that my brain is void of inspiration but I will try my best! :)

  8. #924162015-10-03 01:42:59Teil said:

    I don't exactly have as much free time as I'd like to write a story worth submitting so rather than that, as long as there's that open space I'd be happy to judge.

  9. #924942015-10-07 00:24:59--Jack-- said:

    Just a Reminder! The goal is to have everything pretty much together by the 25th!

    As of tomorrow (Wednesday, the 7th) there are 18 projected days left.

    I know its not a lot of time, so going over deadline by a couple days is a little acceptable since there's an intended week for the PDF/etc to be put together and released on/right-before Halloween (31st).

    I just want to drive home the point that there isn't a large amount of time like in previous projects..

    Pinging the current participants: @Lieutenant @Kuroba_Loki @Kip @Taro_Tanako @Rinneko
  10. #925652015-10-11 23:28:24Luciase said:

    Good luck to all you writers look forward to reading the stories, i will judge them the same way i judge academic essays for UIL. Just a note of warning....

  11. #928232015-10-21 11:12:10 *Rinneko said:

    I'm tunnelling my way out of writer's block. :') No worries, the deadline has taken root in my brain, and I really hope to meet it.

  12. #928272015-10-21 13:20:18Kuroba_Loki said:

    My head's still working on the main idea, but don't worry

    I promise i'll make the deadline :>

    or at least 1-2 days after it haha