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The Colorless Halloween Spooky Story Spectacular [2015]

  1. #931932015-10-29 21:25:11--Jack-- said:

    Change of Plans and Submissions are now Closed! Details Below!

    Since many users were busy and the deadline was short, there are only 4 submissions in total. The Judges really won't be needed at this point. So, sorry @MrTingles, @Kirn, @Zyxx23, @Guriko, and @Teil, but readers of CL's writing projects always have the reviews in the thread to look forward to. As for badges, I'll give each participant both for pulling through at all...and perhaps as an incentive for others next round~

    I'll leave it up to @MrTingles to choose what he'll read aloud on

    StoryTime with Tingles

    And the collective works of The Spooky Story Spectacular 2015 will be out any time now! Halloween Approaches!

    Pinging all Contestants: @Lieutenant @Kuroba_Loki @Kip @Taro_Tanako @Rinneko