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  1. Tree of Savior (Registrations are now CLOSED D:)

    #924552015-10-04 08:41:03 *Frey said:


    Well now that the next iCBT is announced to happen this October and will last for like a month. I thought it's time to post something about it here in CL. (Last time was just a week long) You can check out the announcement by clicking the logo above.

    So what is Tree of Savior (ToS)? It's a Lithuanian inspired hack 'n slash MMORPG. The hero/heroine (you) are set on an adventure to find out what ever happened to the goddesses that seemed to have abandoned the world, and why a big ass tree suddenly grew at the center of the capital and crushing everything nearby. People have fled the place but were attacked demons that were once just an ordinary shit.

    The game is very grindy somewhat like Ragnarok Online but also gives you the option of doing quests to level up. The maps are 75% persistent. Quest boss are unrepeatable instances (except when one party member hasn't finished the quest yet), Field Bosses appear as a map event. Real instanced bosses come near end game as some of the kCBT players reported. Lots of content in the early~mid game that you wouldn't mind being a mid level for while. Heck in iCBT everybody was enjoying but the experience rate was heavily gimped so we can only play at early parts of the game. Speaking of levels, the game is capped at 500 with a possibility of getting an increase to 600.

    A mechanic a bit familiar to Ragnarok Online players is the Job Level, or here in ToS, Class Level. Apart from your Base level you also have this Class level that you increase in order to change or improve your class. Classes are... very complicated to explain so here's a simulator that you can play with lol.


    Apart from the classes that are available and seen in the town, there also exists "Hidden" classes like Pied Piper (I have no idea what this is, I just know it exists and it's in the trailer) another are the Templars who are responsible for guilds (very vague as they are hidden and my "week" of playing the game hasn't given me the opportunity to look for them, I just know they're there) and the last that I know of are the Shepherds, I've seen them in the wiki's but I have no idea who they are, they're just there...........I'm sorry. But hey, they're hidden!

    There's also an exploration point system, where the game tracks who have explored most in the game, like talking to NPC's, 100%-ing the map etc. This has no effect in the last iCBT, who knows how will they use this in the future.

    Who's behind ToS? This game is made by the same people who created Granado Espada, imcGames. As some of you might know, their current CEO, Kim Hakkyu, was the former CEO of Gravity back when Ragnarok Online was still in the P2P system and (correct me if I'm wrong) was against changing it into a F2P one. Also, SoundTeMP.

    Anyway, they are adding 5000 more people in the iCBT2 the next beta is gonna be open for everybody who will register from now until October 19, so if you're interested, then follow the thread in the site. And if you got in, see you in the game!~

  2. #926692015-10-16 14:52:40 *Frey said:

    2nd Beta test is gonna free for all! Horray! See you in-game~

    Post your would-be IGN and Lobby name!

    Lobby name is something like a surname or something. It's something you name the place where you select your character.

    Mine's gonna be: Frey (Saryngoth)

  3. #926782015-10-16 21:48:21Insomnia said:

    ɢᴜʏs ᴄʟᴏsᴇᴅ ʙᴇᴛᴀ ᴛᴇsᴛ ғᴏʀ ᴛʜᴏsᴇ ᴡʜᴏ sɪɢɴ ᴜᴘ ᴏɴ ᴛʜᴇ sɪᴛᴇ. ʜʏᴘᴇʜʏᴘᴇʜʏᴘᴇʜʏᴘᴇ

  4. #927072015-10-17 11:43:55 *Johtoh said:

    @Frey i did it! I have Registered!

    (Connect another account and register again so i have double the chances ;) )

    Now after experimenting with the class builder (or should i say skill builder). I dunno which to choose from. A archer specializing in the sapper circle with falconer. Or a wizard specializing in Psychokino/Alchemist (Going for a full on support crafter with this one).

    So many options ; o ;

  5. #931022015-10-27 13:19:08Ghelzonianses said:
    I started playing when the servers first opened and will be recording as much as my play through as possible. I was able to play the game smoothly for a couple hours before heading to bed (Work in the morning ;_;)

    I originally was going to go support Cleric into Pardoner but my gf decided to support instead, so I'm going for a STR Monk build. Definitely look for people to party with since STR clerics leveling kinda sucks. Currently level Base level 16 and Kirvis level 2

    Lobby name is Deviant and Cleric's name is Ghelly
  6. #997412016-02-28 07:14:06Johtoh said:

    Open beta is coming for the english! The date has yet to be announced but non the less im excited! Hopefully they fixed the issue with their servers.


  7. #1006992016-03-24 02:19:40Toku said:

    I heard about this about a week ago from some folks I chat with on a Discord group @Johtoh. Ended up getting the cheapest package on Steam ($10) and am just waiting for it to come out. Have been doing some scratch builds on the aforementioned site and have 'made' a balanced fighter, and a utility spellcaster. If anyone is interested on adding me on Steam for later play on ToS or something else just reply below.

  8. #1007052016-03-24 16:52:14Kinnear said:

    Just to let everyone know, myself and a group of people I know will be playing on Zemyna server. PM me if you join. :)

    My Steam is "A Dog", so it'd probably be easier for me to add other people. I suspect you won't be able to find me on the list of dogs. xD

  9. #1007242016-03-25 14:36:27Kirn said:

    So... Public free US/EU launch is 28th April. Richer fucks are already in there on founders' server or something.

    I will definitely check this out as an old fan of RO. Plus I found a class that I want to shoot for - Dragoon. Working on my future build. Probably will write review or something after I play it for a while.

  10. #1007292016-03-25 15:48:36Kinnear said:

    People who purchase the founders pack get in on tuesday. They were supposed to before, but it was delayed.

    I'll likely be getting the founders pack. You apparently get as much cash currency as you would if you bought it separate, and I've no doubt I'd end up spending SOME money on aesthetic cash purchases, so the extra month is just a bonus. xP

  11. #1008902016-03-29 23:49:59Kinnear said:

    Servers are now LIVE. They changed server names from the beta, so myself and people I know will be playing on Klaipeda if anyone cares to join us, toss me a message if you'll be playing.

    If I recall, you can play the game in the Founders period for like $10, or spend more to get a founders pack for EXP boosts/cash/a pet, etc.

  12. #1040792016-06-26 14:53:09PureBoredom said:

    Hello, my team name is PureBoredom, if anyone still plays we aughta play together!

    Also they reopened the game for new players so thats a plus