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Parent: The Most Epic AMVs of All Time!!!

  1. #924692015-10-05 13:02:02Kirn said:

    Let's have some more!

    This one looks pretty interesting. Video here is split onto 3 screens - one is Durarara, other is K-ON, and last one is Zetsubou Sensei. Music is "Don't You Evah" by Spoon. This is a very interesting idea. Not too fast or action-y, but at times 2 screens provide background for 3rd one, sometimes actions correlate on all 3... It's a very interesting editing making, and with a nice tune to it.

    This one is, very simply, about gods. All sorts. And this is a mix of about 20 animes, Hercules cartoon, there's even a Morgan Freeman from Bruce Almighty. Music is "Are You Ready For A Miracle" by Patti LaBelle. This is upbeat, this is pure fun, and it has nice editing to is, plus, at times events rush past so fast, you might want to watch it again and pause in certain spots to let a better look at what's going on. Ranging from most touching Madoka moments to some wand weird shit, this is perfect for some light entertainment.