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  1. NeonMob

    #924782015-10-06 07:40:12Deftones said:


    NeonMob is the world’s premiere digital collectibles platform. We publish digital series of illustrations and animations that may be collected, traded, and displayed across all web and mobile devices. Over 5 million digital collectibles lay in the collections of members hailing from 142 countries. Collectibles originate from two sources: (1) a self-serve marketplace for artists to sell and distribute their original works; (2) direct partnerships with well-known brands, such as the NFL Player’s Association, which seek to reach new audiences using the platform.

    Based in downtown San Francisco, NeonMob’s team of designers, developers, and marketers is passionate about working to deliver high quality digital collectibles and delighting our large and growing community of collectors. Our advisors and investors include a cofounder of Paypal; former employees at Twitter, Facebook, McKinsey, and Google; and early investors in such companies as Airbnb, Uber, and Yelp.

    In this website you can either collect or create art to be sold and collected. You have 6 free packs a day as a collector, each pack containing common, uncommon, rare, very rare art and so on. It's all colour coded just like rpg loot, making it addictive like crack.

    All you have to do is log in once every day and get your free prints and trade them for other prints you need to finish a collection. It's like pokemon but with art and no battles.

    As a creator, you can set limited prints and gain moneys from selling your prints, people collect them and you all have a good time.

    Example of rare print:Sorry, this media content cannot be displayed.

    I created this awesome masterpiece because I don't think I can copy and paste the art from the website because of LAW.

    If you Join using this link you get "3 packs of an exclusive reward series and 10 extra general purpose free packs."

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    Once you've made a profile, link it here and I'll add you as a friend. LETS DO THIS, LETS COLLECT!

  2. #924832015-10-06 13:48:31Deftones said:

    People like collecting things that are limited, and things that are pretty. This is either something you want to do, or do not want to do. I'm not forcing you.