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  1. Final Fantasy Tactics

    #92492012-01-28 16:33:37 *Xyopq said:

    I'm starting a new game to mark the end of my PSPs life.

    I'll name the characters after cl members. Post if you want to be the next sellsword at my disposal.

    Here's the skill tree:

    Post if you want me to go via a specific path to the job you want and if you want me to teach your character certain abilities.

    I'm also deciding whether or not to just put the other characters on auto, so they can decide their own fates <('.'<)

  2. #92572012-01-28 17:36:51Settsuo-kun said:

    "The Final Days" syndrome is used to usher in a new era. In this case the era of Vita!

    Oh and I would like to be involved and a Knight!

  3. #93982012-01-29 09:56:16 *momo said:

    Monk or Geomancer. I had Ramza as a Monk with Geomancer for his second skillset and Two Swords Passive Skill(Ninja), Counter(Monk) as the Counter Skill, and Move +3 from the Bard(iirc).

    Everyone was fucked. Get me in a battle with a Math Mage and a couple mimes, and holy shit.

    But yes, if you'd like to make the build I described, best of luck. I spent entirely too much time in that game.