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  1. Call Me Lucky (documentary)

    #927012015-10-17 08:57:34Kirn said:

    Hello, one and all. Time for another documentary, and this one is about a stand-up comedian called Barry Crimmins. Whom I didn't know, but I always want to learn more about people doing political satire, especially if they are good and not just dissing one side in favor of other. So I watched this. And I got more than I asked for.

    As I wrote, this is about Barry Crimmins - political satire guy and, apparently, a very famous and respected figure in western stand-up and comedy world. His style was always the angry truth-sayer, bringing ugly mirror of truth to America's face, and in addition to that, he founded two comedy clubs, helping a lot of great comedians to start their careers. But that's not all. He didn't just act like an angry truth-saying, he really is one, and in addition to being a satirist, he is a political activist for various causes, mainly - children protection. Because he himself was a victim of child abuse in the worst kind of sense. To which he admitted from stage during one of his shows.
    So, this movie really takes a turn right in the middle. But even before that, it's quite dark in a way, because on one hand we see the person who is caring and funny, but on the other hand we see someone really goddamn angry, and it is not an act. Well, first half of it is basically describing Barry's life and work, and second one is dealing with the whole child abuse and trauma thing. But the thing is, it's not about how he tried to cope, though there is some of that. No, it's about what he himself did to help others who went through that and to prevent that from happening. You know this thing when we suddenly discover we have a pedo on the forum and chase him out? Well, Barry is the guy who started that fight, on all levels, at the very start of the internet as we know it now.
    Movie is interesting. Well, not all of it, because, obviously, some of it are talks with Barry's family about how he grew up and what kind of boy he was and all that. However, you get to see his routines, which are pretty nice in an angry kind of way, and you get to know more about comedy history than you would expect. And you will also learn some very nasty stuffs about humans in general and about AOL. Yep. This movie is pretty good as motivational thing too, so I do recommend you watch it.

    WARNING: this film obviously has swearing in it, because hell, it's angry stand-up comedy we are talking about here. But most importantly, there are extensive discussions of pedophile activities, so if you can't stomach that (you weakling) - don't bother.