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Parent: Moderator Applications: CONGRATS NEW MODS!

  1. #927492015-10-19 05:06:20 *Kirn said:

    Well, this pick is without any doubts bad, and you should feel bad for making it.

    Can't say anything bad about @123-456-7890, but you know, can't say anything good. Because I haven't seen him on chat since, like, forever. I will guess that you picked him because of all that "TheColorLess App Project" which, you know, is yet to see the light of day.

    @Dark-B and @AshitoKenji is just horrible choice. Second one is too immature to be anything, first one is to self-absorbed to be granted this position. Also, both would cover for times when we already have rangers. Which is, you know, main thing here - you did not add any new mod coverage to chat, you added more ranger coverage to times that are already covered.

    All in all - bad, really bad pick this time. Oh, and also...

    and mayhaps in the near future our new rangers will be promoted to moderators!

    Just no.

  2. #927512015-10-19 05:20:31123-456-7890 said:


    Well in my defense I came back right before summer started and have been here daily (since it seemed safe). I only started coming on on a weekly basis due to school starting, but since Im mod now I'll come on more often.

  3. #927522015-10-19 05:24:24Kirn said:


    Make presence on chat. Meaning not just appear a few times, but make it your personal responsibility and decide on a constant shift time for yourself. What's your time-zone anyways? There should always be at least one mod on chat, even if he/she/it is tabbed out, so users can ping moderator when needed and get a response.

  4. #927652015-10-19 12:14:14Kip said:

    @Coldu lol this isn't what i wanted, i take no blame for this.

    in fact i have the same opinion here that we need EU mods.