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  1. No Context

    #928102015-10-21 07:28:28 *--Jack-- said:

    Have something on your mind that would make sense with some extra context? Post it here! Without said context, of course. Find something online that's very odd if the context is missing? Post it here!

    Posts must be text based.

    Just fyi. In Markdown use >text to..

    ...make a block quote like this.

  2. #928112015-10-21 07:35:22--Jack-- said:

    Some examples from just looking around the web:

    I once saw a pack of wolves take over and successfully run a Wendy’s.

    It's all fun and games until you put the dot on a pedestrian for the most unusual sniper assassination in history.

    A nail-gun is a terrible stealth weapon. The compressor and hose make way too much noise.

  3. #928122015-10-21 07:43:33 *--Jack-- said:

    You're married? Then it's about fucking time you had the "drinks you can pour on me while I'm burning alive" talk.

  4. #928162015-10-21 08:12:14ImmaculateSable said:

    One moment you're shower eating a nectarine, and the next thing you know you're crying on the floor of a shower in a grungy hotel in Detroit sucking on a grapefruit wondering where your life went wrong