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The Colorless Art Book Project [Revived] COMPLETE!

  1. #1003312016-03-12 14:51:17Rebel said:

    The one, too realistical drawing of Sever-tan, dam yo... And that comic with @kirn deciding where to put a dead newfag in, lmfaooo

  2. #1003332016-03-12 15:37:51Kirn said:

    Good work! One of the most ambitious CL art projects. I was worried, this won't even happen... But yeah, it took a long time, and a switch of the management. But it was done! Great work!

    Also, yes, love all my pictures. And sure, it's always big problem where to put dead newfags.

  3. #1003372016-03-12 20:52:12judar said:

    I'm glad to see it done! It looks great and I'm surprised how much art there is, I'm glad we got to do something so big and lovely as a community.