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  1. Hexes!! - The Card Game

    #932282015-10-30 14:58:29 *Viral said:

    Hey guys! I've been working on this project and thought I would post it here. I've been working on the game Hexes!! a crazy whacky card game about slinging spells at each other. It's a fantastic game, and we were one of the top 5 finalists for the Hasbro Gaming Lab Competition.

    I thought I would just pop this in here and you guys can check it out. If you guys could donate or share with friends that would be awesome!

  2. #932492015-10-31 14:46:24 *Viral said:

    @Kirn Yes, some stuff yesterday but it's all good and we fixed it. We took down the project to talk to the guy who made curses! game from 15 years ago and rebranded under his request