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CL's Greatest

  1. #11182011-12-27 19:33:56 *wanderlust said:

    Can I vote for


    @DSPDuckling34 @DSPDuckling69 @DSPDuckling70 @DSPDuckling9001

    OMG VOTE ALL THE DUCKLINGS! even @Duckinabox (if you wanna know who these ducklings are look at the old CL archives)

    Best Troll/s (YES WE DID TROLL "Bernie" @Spooky ONCE, WITHOUT HIM KNOWING, maybe it's time for us to tell you that it was me, mercy and some other oldfags who trolled him using these names)

    (this was the attack of the fat people) @BigBertha @BigHelga @Gertrude


    Best TRAP @Kaitou

    Best Username/s @Jamal @Obamaniqua @Shaniqua @Boomq33sha @shenekemenaenae @RebeccaBlack

    Best Dildo/s @The_Golden_Dildo @Dildo

    Best Pair (EVER) @Deftones x @Dildo

  2. #11352011-12-27 20:00:36 *Mairu said:

    Best troll: @Spooky -Best spammer: @ PureBoredom -Best mod: @n1xx -Best oldfag: @Anon -Best midfag: @Kuroba_Loki -Best newfag: @someone -Best trap: @Hisora -Best CL mom: @Lycan -Best uke: @Spades -Best seme:@Viral Funniest member: @Spades -Most popular: @Shiorsuke or @Domo (Everybody Knows Domo!) -Biggest camwhore: @wanderlust -Best lurker: @Warlock -Most active: @Spades -Most respected: @Acostoss / @Admin -Most sociable: @Shirosuke -Best hair: @Sushi (Have you all SEEN his hair?) -Best screenshotter: @tanabe -Best gravatar: @YumiToho -Coolest member: @Spooky -Most likely to be a mod: @Shirosuke -Best kaichou/leader: @SENsei -Biggest ego: @Spooky -CL's Biggest Tits: @Ponta 's Girlfriend -Best gang/group: Eurynome ALL THE WAYY! -Best pairing: @StevieQ x @Mobile_Phones -Best friends: @AkiraSaki x @Toaster -Most loved: @Shirosuke -Best tsundere: @Arrekusu -Best yandere: @Evi-chii

    BEST TERRORIST: @DarkChaplain


  3. #11422011-12-27 20:14:43 *someone said:

    Oh lol I've been nominated for the very prestigious title (as shown by others) of best newfag. <3 you, Mairu~

  4. #11482011-12-27 20:24:56 *hais said:
    Best oldfag: @anon and @Steviehq (couldn't choose sobs)
    Favourite member: @Shinra-san
    Best CL mom: @Shirosuke /shiromama
    Best uke: @VoltA
    Best pairing: @NGH x @NGH
    Best couple: @Keri x @Shirosuke
    Most loved: @DSP
    Best tsundere: @Yoshiya (for the lulz) @NGH (for srs bzns)
    Best terrorist: Guest (he hasn't got a tag. this was back in the old days)
    Funniest member: @SENsei
    Best lurker: @Hika
    Best screenshotter: @Tanabe
    Best gravatar: @Ipotane
    Coolest member: my husbando @Yotsuba
    CL's biggest tits: @hais /shot
    Best twins: @YumiToho and @hais (hehehe)
    Best sheepu: @hais /shot
  5. #11632011-12-27 20:54:41 *Maryam said:

    Yes, Perry. You are the best newfag ;_____________; hands down.

    ALSO: Get ready to be tagged a shitload, people

    ALSO ALSO: Please dont just make a category to vote for your friend. Make one that applies to several people at least.