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  1. The Rules of CL (Forum Game)

    #934232015-11-05 08:29:51 *King_Deus said:

    As a parody game of this thread:


    We shall make the rules of CL, please make sure to keep them in numerical order.

    I'll start with a few.

    -1 Jack always has ice cream hidden from the rest of us. No exceptions

    0000.1 Replace it with Kip

    000000.1 Kip

    1. King Deus is Ruler, No Exceptions

    1.5 If another monarch is present, the title of godhood ranks higher.

    2 . Penguins walk sideways. No Exceptions

    2.1 except when threatened by seals

    2.2 Seals are only used on Jars

    3 . Wolfangle is always 80 Degrees.