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  1. Web Games Thread

    #935402015-11-06 14:47:47Sparrow said:

    Post any browser based games that you enjoy.

    They can be-

    • MMOs

    • MMORPGs

    • Flash, java, unity, any online engine

    Really just any online game. Keep the rules in mind

  2. #935422015-11-06 15:11:26 *Sparrow said:

    I'll start with Curve Fever

    curve fever photo can anyone even see this part i wonder

    In each game, there are a certain # of players. Each player moves little dot that starts making a trail behind it. If you bump into any of these trails, you lose for the round.


    If a player loses, each surviving player gets points. The survivors will keep gaining points until there is only 1 person left. That would be the winner of the round. The first to reach a certain amount of points (depending on how many people have joined the game) is the winner of the game. This is a regular free-for-all game, with a team mode and clans as well.

    Play here

    I know there are a few players on CL, so feel free to make a subpost here with your username.

  3. #940602015-11-15 06:44:48Koushiro said:

    Town of Salem

    This is a mafia or TTT kind of game where you deceive, conquer and stand all and above the town. You must succeed in making yourself innocent or guilty. There are tons of characters to play with.



    A game made by blankmediagames, its a fun way to play and customization is endless,starting from character skins, houses, maps and pets. It is also a multiplayer game so you can play it with your friends.


    You can check out the guide here of the available roles.


    Have fun playing and if you want to add me on Town of salem, just click the add friend option and my ID is Zenoispe.

  4. #940882015-11-16 02:17:00Sparrow said:


    If you didn't watch the video, the game is just a very standard multiplayer real time strategy. It's really easy to play, and really easy to start group games with friends. No need to register for an account either, you can play as a guest. There are some short tutorials in the game menu.

    I linked that video because any more recent ones. It is a year old video. The game has gone through very many updates since then, according to youtube comments. I haven't played it much and was only introduced to me a few months back. It's a fun game though.

  5. #941232015-11-17 02:43:39Sparrow said:


    DOS games. Old interactive fiction to games like Transport tycoon. Not browser based but cool nonetheless.

    Console Living Room

    About the same as the one above, DOS games. Everything is browser based here, but still downloadable. Both websites have their own variety of games.


    Strictly Super Nintendo games. Fun.

    Retro Games Online

    ANOTHER retro game website. A quick google search and I might find a hundred more. Screw that. Have fun

  6. #950222015-12-04 19:43:24Sparrow said:

    Alter Ego

    What if you could live your life over again? In this text-based interactive game, with over a thousand multiple-choice questions. Alter Ego starts at birth and ends at death, you decide what's in between!

  7. #967332016-01-01 11:21:49 *EvoRulz said:


    This is Arcane, a really fun arena style game where you can either use a sword and shield of some form , or a bow (my favorite thing ever!! and the reason i play it!!)

    The controls are simple, your character faces toward your mouse, click to attack, and 'w,a,s,d' to move :D


    As you progress through the campaign you unlock the next level by winning the match


    you can go back at any time and replay an old level, as you gain money from your winnings you can buy better weapons and armour :D and use them to help you defeat the next level, also as you progress you unlock 2 PC controlled teammates, who you are responsible for giving weapons and armour before the game starts


    above all my favorite thing is to just use the bow and fight!!!! AND TELL ME IF YOU DEFEAT THE FINAL BOSS TOO <3