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Web Games Thread

  1. #978732016-01-22 21:24:04Ghelzonianses said:

    Ginormo Sword!

    I played this game when I had free time in my research class in High School. You are basically a purple stick figure with a sword against a world full of monsters. You start randomly clicking around on the map until you find an encounter with monsters, then just spam click while moving your mouse to defeat them. The money you gain from killing the monsters can be used to buy magic spells, armor, and even to upgrade your sword.

    With a name like Ginormo Sword, you could guess the game focuses on creating a Ginormous sword. Upgrading your sword involves increase the length or width of the sword by a little bit. Upgrading is fairly cheap you can upgrade many, many times, so eventually you can make swords like these:

    Yes, that red thing is a sword

    Sword in action. It is that blue block that takes up more than half the screen

    Ginormo Sword also features a wide variety of enemies and some pretty cool bosses. There is even a monster library that appeals to those "gotta kill them all" players. Also, despite having such a giant sword, the enemies can still be difficult to defeat at times. The player still has to duck and dodge projectiles that couple potentially insta-kill.

    Small snippet of the library

    While I admit that I never completed the game, the many hours I sunk into the game over the course of a semester were very enjoyable. Game data being saved on the local computer lets you stop when you need to and resume whenever you want. Definitely a good time killer if your into games like Realm of the Mad God or Binding of Issac.