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Parent: Web Games Thread

  1. #935422015-11-06 15:11:26 *Sparrow said:

    I'll start with Curve Fever

    curve fever photo can anyone even see this part i wonder

    In each game, there are a certain # of players. Each player moves little dot that starts making a trail behind it. If you bump into any of these trails, you lose for the round.


    If a player loses, each surviving player gets points. The survivors will keep gaining points until there is only 1 person left. That would be the winner of the round. The first to reach a certain amount of points (depending on how many people have joined the game) is the winner of the game. This is a regular free-for-all game, with a team mode and clans as well.

    Play here

    I know there are a few players on CL, so feel free to make a subpost here with your username.