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  1. What's wrong with saying the word Retard?

    #937172015-11-09 19:06:45 *Kirn said:

    Yes, I just went and did that. However, I am actually looking for insight here, and it is not meant to be an inflammatory thread. So relax your fucking asses!

    How, see the picture above? This is the webcomics (one of) I read, and it's goddamn great. And author, in addition to making those, usually adds a bit of his own comment to each of them. So the comment to that one was this:

    Before someone calls me out for my liberal use of the R-word, I already showed my autistic cousin this comic and asked if it was okay.
    He said it wasn’t, so I already know I should be ashamed of myself.

    Now, I know that the guy is mostly joking, but that still got me thinking. I tend to insult people in a lot of different ways, including those ways that use harsh words. However, I at times noticed that people start reacting to being called "retard" more than to being called "motherfucker" for example. Which I personally find kinda weird.

    So here is where I ask you to share your opinions on it. All opinions are welcome, and actually I would welcome those who are very much offended by that word because I want to figure why. I won't present my own argument on the matter yet, but I might later if this thread would take off. So do tell, why would you consider "retard" to be more of an inappropriate insult than others?

    And remember, try not to be insulting while discussing insults )

  2. #937192015-11-09 19:20:01 *Yugure said:

    ...Nothing, actually.

    For me, the problem is, people that are over-sensitive tend to get insulted way more than other people.

    I mean, if you're not REALLY a retard, why even bother?

    Call me a retard, or any other insults, I'll just shrug 'em off. I really don't care, to be honest.

  3. #937202015-11-09 19:26:45Clever said:

    @Kirn I understand what you're saying. I myself am unabashedly rude to my best friend. "You lil shit, motherfucker," pretty much all of them. I don't use the word retard, since I don't know who I will offend. I directly call someone retarded when I have no other words.

    Anywho. Regardless, to answer your question, it's because the world has gotten so politically correct. At least that's my observation. Try saying the word "cunt" in conversation. I'm telling you, you'd be signing your own death warrant.

  4. #937272015-11-10 00:35:39mizlily said:
    Try saying the word "cunt" in conversation. I'm telling you, you'd be signing your own death warrant.

    @Clever really? because I've been called that like it's nothing by certain people.

  5. #937322015-11-10 01:40:43Deftones said:

    We Australians use cunt in every sentence, for example: "Wanna get some breakfast, cunt", it has honestly lost its original meaning here, cunt is friend.

  6. #937232015-11-09 20:25:48Johtoh said:

    In the end it'll all come down to how the accused perceives the word. Most people associate 'retard' with other terms such as stupid, idiot, and just generally being less smarter then the name sayer in general.

    In my own personal case, i avoid name calling in general for thats not a healthy lifestyle. It'll become a bad habit before you know it

  7. #937392015-11-10 04:19:12Kuro_Onii_3 said:

    I had a classmate who had a sister that was mentally retarded. I was new to the school and had no idea, but when I called someone (my sister, actually), people gave me dirty looks for the rest of the week. I guess people get offended by retard because people are actually mentally retarded. It's different than calling someone an idiot because I guess there isn't a mental disorder for idiocy (that I know of)

  8. #937402015-11-10 05:11:47Rinneko said:

    The way I see it, the reason why people react more strongly to insults such as retard, faggot, tranny is because these words have a history.

    In today's context, when one calls someone an idiot, it probably means something like 'your opinion is wrong' or 'haha, you accidentally messed up and that's amusing'. Maybe they're even just insulting for the sake of insulting, as a joke. Words like idiot and moron have always been used this way, as far as I know.

    However, it was not the case for words like retard. In the past, people who were called these words were being discriminated against for issues they feel they have no control over: their mental state, sexuality or gender.

    Although retard may have evolved to more casual use nowadays, some are still sensitive to its history. Therefore, I feel that it is generally better to avoid using the word at all.

  9. #937482015-11-10 09:53:19 *vinsentoh said:

    Honestly, I don't see anything wrong with saying that. You know when I call people names like "dick" or "motherfucker" I'm not actually intending to insult anyone or any group in particular except the person I'm saying it to. Just letting it out.

  10. #937582015-11-10 14:06:51Ecstasy said:

    Using words like that in regards to healthy people really is just insulting your own intelligence. If you can't make your point without using derogatory terms, you are basically screaming that you are frustrated and want to offend someone but lack the proper IQ to use anything but low insults. Ironic, isn't it?

  11. #937642015-11-10 16:18:42Lieutenant said:

    There are a lot of ways of insulting an individual, let alone translating it to different languages (imagine saying "retard" 6 times in 6 different languages as a form of insult). One may not even react with the word retard but other words instead and vice versa. And one may use insults based of different reasons; angry, using the "reality" as an excuse, trolling (etc). One may even just use it for empty comeback.

    It has become a norm for people to insult (almost without meaning anything serious on it) nowadays. I personally do not feel offended in whatever swearing words people want to throw on me (this includes calling me a retard yes), instead I rarely feel offended by insults, it will take more than that to affect me, and my reaction would be "Do you seriously think that's insulting?" as if you've built your own immunity system against insults.

    why would you consider "retard" to be more of an inappropriate insult than others?

    So yes I wouldn't consider "retard" to be more of an inappropriate insult and I do not know of this so-called inappropriate-insult existence to be crowned on a specific one word. In my opinion, most insults are inappropriate, heavily inappropriate in a wrong timing furthermore. If the amount of butthurt caused by this word strikes up above all else, it's most probably because of the origin of the word used once upon a time.

    And calling someone something (especially if) they are not is just another display of you degrading yourself, don't you think so?

  12. #937882015-11-10 21:04:20 *Cloud-VK said:

    I always thought people who sub "retard" for "stupid" or "idiot" were dumb, because I thought the word "retard" meant "slow" not "stupid".

    I just wouldn't use a word like that in public period (not that I would use it in private either), cause I know what I mean, but not everyone else would know what I mean, you know?

    But normally I try to stay away from using cheap trash talk and insults,. I doesn't look good to me.

  13. #938532015-11-11 20:11:25Kirn said:

    Well, this actually took off better than I expected.

    Now, I let me say right away that some people totally missed the point. I am not here to ask why insults are bad in general (they aren't good or bad, they are downright unavoidable! ))), nor am I here to confirm that some people think that word retard is now being shunned because of political correct lingo. That's nice comment, and I am happy to re-affirm that, but that doesn't give me much to work with.

    What I liked is comparing "retard" with "faggot" and "nigger". Those 3 words are connected in a way that they all work with bias, hate and shaming of certain groups of people. However, thinking about it further, I think that those 3, while being similar, are very different.

    Take word "nigger". You would expect one to use it exactly on them black people to show your hateful disposition towards them, right? I mean, you won't come up to some white dude and call him nigger aiming to insult the fucker. he will just think you are crazy or extremely colorblind. So, this is out there with wetback, coon, gook and such. And you are expected to identify your target's racial background to pick a proper word.

    Word "faggot" is, however, more universal. First of all, you would use them to offend them fuckers who bore you day after day with talks about how they are a sexual minority. I mean, that's exactly what the word means, in offensive way. However, in a group of straight guys trying to show off their manliness, this word would be thrown around to demean the other guy and tell that he's not exactly gay, but not enough of a man too. As Carlin once put it: "a fag was someone who wouldn't go downtown and help beat up queers." So you can use it for any type of guy if you feel that conditions are right enough.

    But the word "retard"... I don't know about you, but I feel that we are never using it to insult people who are actually retarded. I mean, what would be the point? You know he is retarded, he knows he is... and if he doesn't, then he probably got severe retardation, can't understand you anyways and you are really the one who is a retard even trying to insult the guy like that.
    But yes, from the common neutral medical term, word got negative context because of how people started using it. And I think... I think, the impact of the word (not counting the current intolerance of it) is in that you say to a person (and you know that he is not retarded, not in a medical sense) that he has mental disability, which is something you can't really fix, not with learning, not with medicine. I imagine, this is why it was used as an insult in the first place and why it works.

    So, to sum it up, nigger you would use for blacks only, faggot you can use for any guy out there, and retard you would use only for non-retarded people.

    However, I myself am straying from my path here. So, back to why it's so negative. I found this from wikipedia, and this seems like an interesting draft on the matter:
    “Retarded” is the new “Gay” – Rough Draft

    That further got me thinking. Word retard was used as neutral medical term in last century, it was then picked up and used as insult, and now it got so negative that political correct people are trying hard to scorn the word and people who use it. However, even if the word is gone, who can be sure that the same thing won't happen again?

    Kip mentioned "Intellectual disability (ID), also called intellectual development disorder (IDD)"... (this actually reminds me of iddqd. Good times) this uses word "disorder", which is something I tend to frown upon, as I don't really believe in that wave of disorders people seem to push for these years... but that's different topic.
    Let's assume, we got rid of "retard" completely. What stops people, in 10 years when term IDD becomes commonplace, from saying to their perfectly normal opponent "What, you got IDD or something?" And then it will go downhill, with term getting more and more negative. It's right there in the root of the term. Because, here's the thing. While there are whole movements dedicated to tell us that black people should have equal rights and there's nothing wrong about being gay, I do not think you can really show having a mental disorder in a positive way.
    Personally, I feel, people, when looking for insults, just naturally drawn to need of offending their opponent's intelligence. I mean, isn't that the point? To show that your opponent is stupid and hence his argument is invalid? So I believe people will turn to the terms meaning lack of intelligence. To whichever terms are available and popularized.

    Well, I kinda went all over the place there... But anyways, those are my current thoughts on the matter, I guess. I am unsure myself what to conclude out of my own theory, so, I don't know, feel free to comment on that, if you want, or not.

  14. #938612015-11-11 22:56:09Rinneko said:

    What stops people, in 10 years when term IDD becomes commonplace, from saying to their perfectly normal opponent "What, you got IDD or something?" And then it will go downhill, with term getting more and more negative.

    I agree with this.

    The meanings and connotations of words change over time. One day, a word is used as casual slang. The next day, it is a derogative term. I feel that we must simply adapt so that we can use the best words in that situation to carry across what we mean.