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  1. CL Conspiracies

    #938042015-11-11 01:30:37 *123-456-7890 said:

    This will be a thread where we talk about CL conspiracies and share the secretest conspiracies with each other. Careful, if your conspiracies get out of hand you might just get banned by big brother :P


  2. #938052015-11-11 01:31:28123-456-7890 said:

    KIP IS ACTUALLY KID!!!!11!1!!

    If you guys haven't noticed yet, the truth behind Kid is that Kid is just @Kip with a flipped p and Kid has now rose to the top of the toppest to ruin us all. Run for your lives!


  3. #938102015-11-11 02:52:24Zyxx23 said:

    The aliens are hacking in to cl chat. That is why chat has been buggy lately. They are already watching us, judging us from outer space. Only a matter of time before they abduct each and every single one of us. O~O

  4. #938122015-11-11 02:56:08Destro said:

    Ok i know this is going to sound insane, but just hear me out. I believe there is a coalition of people on the CL who believe that I, Destro the Great and Powerful, am actually a duck. Some times its subtle they'll use the word quack without reason or ask me if ive laid any eggs other times it'll be more direct like showing me a picture of ducks and claiming theyre my family, It sounds kind of silly at first but when you dig deeper you will discover a more sinister side to this whole debacle namely people who intend to EAT me as in consume my flesh as a meal! theyll go into great detail on how they intend to roast, fry, or even stuff me inside of a turkey and then stuff a chicken inside of me! THIS HAS TO STOP. I am in fear for my life theyre out there and theyre coming for me.. they want to eat me and i dont know if i can stop them.

  5. #938682015-11-12 03:29:13Destro said:

    First things first my flavor can be described as explosive euphoria; far from bland. Not that you or anyone else for that matter will ever know.

    Second I should not need to explicitly state that im not a duck im obviously not a duck. ducks do not have the higher cognitive ability to write out a rebuttal to such outlandish accusations.

  6. #938132015-11-11 02:57:33Wolfangle said:

    Strange how cl start's fucking up during this


  7. #938402015-11-11 09:43:02BakaHime said:

    cl is actually in the hands of a donut. And since im eating a donut right now, it's actually my fault that cl chat broke. Praise me.

  8. #938522015-11-11 20:10:31Chahzou said:

    @Wolfangle Rockets and physics work pretty much the same everywhere.

    This is a video of a rocket launch, not a missile. But starting at about 2:00 minutes you can see how the exhaust spreads further because the air pressure gets weaker. I was very surprised when I saw this the first time. xD Maybe it helps you understand how this kind of contrail forms.

  9. #940152015-11-14 17:42:23Lycan said:

    The recent downtimes are a result of the power struggle between the admins. The servers can't handle it. There can only be one.

  10. #940412015-11-15 03:15:25Zyxx23 said:

    The reason why chat is constantly being monitored by the feds is that each and everyone of us have great potential to be cold blooded criminals. They are just waiting for one of us to slip up and do something illegal.