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Parent: CL Conspiracies

  1. #938122015-11-11 02:56:08Destro said:

    Ok i know this is going to sound insane, but just hear me out. I believe there is a coalition of people on the CL who believe that I, Destro the Great and Powerful, am actually a duck. Some times its subtle they'll use the word quack without reason or ask me if ive laid any eggs other times it'll be more direct like showing me a picture of ducks and claiming theyre my family, It sounds kind of silly at first but when you dig deeper you will discover a more sinister side to this whole debacle namely people who intend to EAT me as in consume my flesh as a meal! theyll go into great detail on how they intend to roast, fry, or even stuff me inside of a turkey and then stuff a chicken inside of me! THIS HAS TO STOP. I am in fear for my life theyre out there and theyre coming for me.. they want to eat me and i dont know if i can stop them.

  2. #938682015-11-12 03:29:13Destro said:

    First things first my flavor can be described as explosive euphoria; far from bland. Not that you or anyone else for that matter will ever know.

    Second I should not need to explicitly state that im not a duck im obviously not a duck. ducks do not have the higher cognitive ability to write out a rebuttal to such outlandish accusations.