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Neko Atsume

  1. #992232016-02-14 15:42:14Enami said:

    I think this is the most i've managed to save until now, time to spend it all on the last remodel left (rustic, yeah chose modern instead before >=>) and some more goodies.

  2. #992292016-02-14 18:32:09Enami said:

    Ehhh you're playing the game... OwO I see two goodies there that i don't recognize btw, haven't found them in the shop.. ._.)

  3. #1004652016-03-15 12:29:12Enami said:

    Accomplishments so far:

    -Got all the yard styles (remodeling).

    -Bought all of the goodies. (This is pretty sad since I don't have anything to save up for anymore ;-;)

    -Caught all the rare cats but Frosty (and took pics of them for the catbook. x)

    -Got about half the mementos. (not really an accomplishment though since i have a long way to go :/)

  4. #1009002016-03-30 12:50:30Sheep said:

    A friend is recently playing this game, and I've noticed that there are some items in the Shop that aren't found in mine. I thought of updating the app and voilà~ more goodies, an added gallery, 2 more nekos to catch(?), and a new style.


    I know we're all tired of this game but >.>